Travelers has been renewed for season 2!

Showcase announced that Travelers, the #1 new Fall series, will return for a second season with production beginning this March in Vancouver!

Season 1 of Travelers followed a group of people from the future who have discovered how to send consciousness back through time, directly into people in the 21st century. These “travelers” assumed the lives of seemingly random people, while secretly working as teams to perform high-stakes missions in order to save the world from a terrible future. Starring Eric McCormack as FBI Special Agent Grant MacLaren, MacKenzie Porter as Marcy, Patrick Gilmore as David,  Jared Paul Abrahamson as Trevor, Nesta Cooper as Carly, and Reilly Dolman as Philip, Season 2 of Travelers picks up on the group’s haunting realization that their missions may have altered the future in ways they did not predict.

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I couldn’t be more proud of the Canadian team who worked passionately to bring this new series to life,” said Brad Wright, Writer and Creator, Travelers. “We are so excited to reunite in Vancouver this spring and start our work on the sophomore season for Showcase.

The Coolest Magic used thus far in The Magicians: Season Two

The second season of The Magicians kicked off on a very intense note with Alice make her good pals not dead post-being brutally killed by The Beast aka Martin Chatwin. We got a hot dose of big time magic right out of the gate and the tricks, spells, demons, enchantments, charms, curses, lotions and potions only continued to build from there. Here’s the very bewitching and super rad alchemy that we think has been the coolest so far in season 2.

Alice saving a bunch of lives

As mentioned above, ice cream loving, sweet, blonde Alice does some heroic resurrecting of Margo, Penny, and Eliot after The Beast did some evil murdering of them. She uses her god-like powers that Ember, the trickster god in exile, gifted her with to heal their wounds and make them breathe the air of Fillory again. And she does so even before Quentin can lend a magical hand.

Penny’s hands being healed in the Chatwin Torrent

Speaking of lending a hand, something Alice isn’t able to do is re-attach Penny’s hands to his body which were removed by The Beast. So, he heads to the healing river to sew his paws to his arms and go for a swim. And presto! Within minutes he has working fingers once more.

Penny’s hands then being cursed by that bitter guy hanging by the river

But, the trouble doesn’t stop there for Penny. Sure, he’s got his hands back but after refusing to tip the attendant at the river who gave him solid instructions, said attendant curses Penny’s fingers/palms/wrists which results in his magic and muscle not being able to be controlled.

Penny’s hands finally being freed via sexy oil and erotic chains

Luckily for Penny, Professor Sunderland has an idea that could remedy his issue. She casts a spell by rubbing warm oil over his hands in a sensual manner and the tension only builds when Penny requests that she also massage it into his shoulders. Then she puts chains around his wrists and tells him as long as he wears those he won’t lose control… at least not sexually.

Julia’s shade almost being removed by The Beast

Julia and Martin becoming besties has been fascinating and hilarious to watch. It’s always interesting when good and evil team up to stop a different evil. In this case, that evil is Reynard the Fox, a god who preys on/kills women. Julia wants him eviscerated after he assaulted her and she needs The Beast’s assistance in doing so. While they’re chilling together, he mentions to Julia that there is something that could get rid of the overwhelming anguish and PTSD she’s experiencing about Reynard. He could remove her “shade” which is basically her humanity/emotions/being sad. She says no then yes then no. But before the final no Martin reaches into her chest/heart area in a mega dramatic scene that would make anyone cringe.

Those fiery Keiko demons being put in their backs for later

Speaking of reaching into chest/heart areas, the Brakebills foursome of Quentin, Alice, Margo and Penny (missing Eliot since he’s being bored as King of Fillory and sprinkling shit instead of magic) get something implanted into their backs to battle The Beast with later. That something is a living, breathing, on fire, squealing, rodent like creature called a Keiko demon. They first get some sick tattoos which is oddly a requirement for the demons to move in. Then the little steamy parasites are dropped into place, make their way inside and sit dormant until they’re commanded to be released and do their damage on Martin. Unfortunately, nobody ends up using their demons on Martin and instead they waste them attempting to kill each other. No joke.

The throne curse in Fillory

Speaking of attempting to kill each other, the impetus for Eliot, Margo, Alice and Quentin wanting to murder their friends is because back in the day The Beast cursed the castle in Fillory and when they take a seat on their royal seats they get brainwashed into thinking their friends are the enemies who must be destroyed. When Quentin is pointing a crossbow at Margo she releases her Keiko demon to take him out. Thankfully Penny figured out what was happening real fast and began taking steps to not have them kill each other. When he arrives he releases his Keiko demon to slay Margo’s demon and then he shoots her in the butt with an arrow. Ouch.

Marina’s pretty wards on her apartment

When spunky hedge witch Marina joins the Julia & The Beast team, her first assignment is to summon Reynard so Julia can use that bad ass knife to take her revenge and stab him forever. So, Marina does her calling upon thing surrounded by candles but before she finishes The Beast transports himself and Julia out of there because Reynard wouldn’t arrive due to smelling her scent and he doesn’t want Reynard to eat and kill Julia. This leaves Marina on her own and although Reynard doesn’t appear where she does the spell he does follow her home. When Julia and The Beast go to rescue her they can’t enter because Marina has these beautiful, bright wards surrounding her apartment which prevents anyone from entering or exiting including her.

Alice using the Rhinemann Ultra spell to ALMOST destroy The Beast

A lot of time was spent in the first three episodes of season two trying to discover a weapon/spell/anything to eradicate The Beast now that Julia took the knife with her which is what the Brakebills crew was going to use against him. With the help of Dean Fogg they discover that weapon/spell/anything. They need the Rhinemann Ultra spell which was used to end The Battle of the Bulge. Although this spell does belong to the genre of Battle Magic which was outlawed at Brakebills years ago they still need it and the keeper of it is a tenacious pixie named Bixby. She’s the keeper of all Battle Magic spells and when they visit her and she meets Alice who’s glowing with god power, she hands it over. The result is a breathtaking light show that Alice performs numerous times while she practices. Although she only injures The Beast with it, it’s still a sight to see. Also, shout out to her growing that tree, the neat shield spell and releasing those moths from Martin’s chest as well. All three are real epic moments to witness.

Alice being consumed entirely by magic and looking gorgeous

Then of course there was the most real epic moment of all. You know what I’m talking about. When Alice starts losing the juice Ember gave her and she’s overtaken by the Rhinemann Ultra spell and she BECOMES MAGIC aka gets way stronger and more dangerous and hotter. She’s got darker eyes now, a hella confident swagger, and weird glowing blue sparks in her skin. She also has zero humanity/emotions/feeling sad left and when she releases those moths from The Beast, wiping him out for good, she turns on her buddies to wipe them out next. When she’s headed towards Margo and Eliot to begin the wiping out Quentin releases his Keiko demon to wipe her out first instead. Then he cries and screams a bunch when she dies. OR DOES SHE?

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The big deceptions of Mr. Robot



Every season, Mr. Robot begins seemingly normally (well, not really but you know what I mean), and there’s always a bigger picture that we, as the viewer, are expected to dig deeper to see and figure out. It’s interesting, like a big intellectual treasure hunt, with small clues and breadcrumbs along the way to crack the code.

Season 1 introduced us to Elliot, a reclusive computer genius with little to no taste for human interaction. We see him brought into the folds of a hacking group by the elusive Mr. Robot, who’s everything Elliot isn’t: confident, aggressive, and decisive. We followed the two characters through various twists and turns, and it took many people a while to notice that nobody interacted with Mr. Robot except for Elliot. The only person who was ever in serious conversation with him was Elliot, and the other characters never really paid him any mind. The eventual revelation that Elliot IS Mr. Robot was a shock for many, and validation for some that had figured it out by following the clues. It changes the entire way the first season is viewed, and when you re-watch it with this information, it’s crazy all the little things that you don’t quite realize at the time, but stand out once you know Mr Robot is Elliot. It allows you to finally realize that Elliot is the ultimate unreliable narrator, and it’s wise to question everything he tells us as viewers.

Second season comes around and Elliot has become more reclusive than ever. He’s staying at his mother’s house, because he says it helps to keep him on track. He keeps himself on a strict schedule, and diaries everything that happens in his day,  as he tries his hardest to keep Mr. Robot from surfacing. Elliot’s life seems restricted, although to the viewer it appears to be a self-inflicted type of restriction. Well, it was self-inflicted in a sense, but not in the way we thought. Elliot had turned himself in and was incarcerated, not trying to relax away from it all at his mother’s house. The restaurant he went everyday with his friend Leon didn’t exist, and Leon was a fellow inmate. When Darlene would visit him, she was visiting him in jail, which explains why she would never interact with their mother during her visits: because she wasn’t actually there.

With these large scale reveals, it makes one wonder what the Mr. Robot team will have in store for us when Season 3 rolls around, and how long will it take us to figure it out? It’s always a struggle to fully understand the bigger picture with Mr. Robot, at least until the end, but that’s a lot of the fun. It’s not as interesting when you know everything off the bat, wouldn’t you agree?


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