Sister goals: Alex and Kara

Supergirl definitely has no shortage of strong, independent women in its storylines. Kara and Alex are two of those amazing characters, and although they’re strong in their own ways, they need each other to truly reach their full potential. Although they aren’t bonded by blood, they’re bonded by their love for each other, and the way they support one another in any situation. Let’s take a look at one of the best sister duos we’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

Alex hugging Alex

When we first meet the Danvers sisters, Kara has yet to assume her role as Supergirl. She’s starting to think about using her powers, and her sister is not loving that idea. Alex sees herself as Kara’s protector, and as her older sister, is worried about shielding her from the consequences of revealing her true self to the world.

This identity that Alex holds for herself is a theme that follows them both, and an idea that Alex has to grapple with later on. She has to learn that she’s more than just someone to protect Kara, and that can’t define her entire life.

Kara and Alex talking

Ironically, the trigger that causes Kara to leap into action using her powers is when Alex’s life is in danger. Alex’s plane experiences technical difficulty, and it becomes the first plane that Kara saves using her Kryptonian abilities. Although her life was saved, Alex isn’t impressed by the display of affection. She’s worried that Kara put herself in danger trying to save her, and as previously stated, the protecting is supposed to be Alex’s job, not Kara’s.

Kara doesn’t understand why Alex is so upset, and it causes a rift between the two. Miscommunication is hard.

Kara is shocked at Alex

Yet another case of miscommunication (or lies, or hiding everything from your sibling) comes when it’s revealed that Alex works for the DEO, a fact that Kara was obviously not aware of. This comes as a big betrayal, as Alex has kept such a large piece of her life a complete secret from her sister.

Kara eventually learns to forgive her, but it definitely isn’t instantaneous. Discovering that your sister hunts down aliens like yourself has to be a hard thing to come to terms with.

Kara and Alex sparring

After a while, Alex and Kara are on good terms again, and Alex becomes more supportive of Kara’s role as Supergirl. Alex loves Kara so much that she takes it upon herself to be her fighting coach. Imagine that for a second, being the fighting coach for Supergirl. Pretty intense. The walls are laced with kryptonite so that Kara is stripped of her usual super-strength, but still.

Alex clearly cares about Kara’s wellbeing, and wants to support her in her newfound duties as Supergirl.

Alex going into a dream

When Kara is attacked by a parasite, Alex is there to save her. Kara is trapped in a dream world that appears to be Krypton, and the parasite has lured her into thinking that it’s reality. It’s Alex’s willingness to go into a dangerous situation that really shows her loyalty to her sister.

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Jingle All The Way and Operation Christmas – holiday movies for the week of Nov. 28

This week, watch Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad make merry in Jingle All the Way. And, celebrate love in the holiday season with Operation Christmas, as a single mother’s military sergeant boyfriend is deployed right before Christmas.

Tuesday, Nov. 29 at 6e/3p - Holiday in Handcuffs

Thursday, Dec. 1 at 8e/5p - Lucky Christmas

Thursday, Dec. 1 at 10e/7p - Window Wonderland

Friday, Dec. 2 at 8e/5p - Operation Christmas (Broadcast Premiere)

Sunday, Dec. 4 at 2e/11p - Jingle All the Way

Sunday, Dec. 4 at 6e/3p – Love at the Parade

Please check the schedule page for full details. All times subject to change.

Die Hard and The Lego Movie – holiday movies for the week of Nov. 21

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Monday, Nov. 21 at 6 pm ET – Home by Christmas

Tuesday, Nov. 22 at 6 pm ET – Trading Christmas

Wednesday, Nov. 23 at 6 pm ET – Christmas Caper

Wednesday, Nov. 23 at 8 pm ET – The Town That Christmas Forgot

Wednesday, Nov. 23 at 10 pm ET – Christmas Miracle

Thursday, Nov. 24 at 6 pm ET – Deck the Halls

Thursday, Nov. 24 at 8 pm ET – Will You Merry Me

Thursday, Nov. 24 at 10 pm ET – Christmas in Wonderland

Friday, Nov. 25 at 8 pm ET – The Rooftop Christmas Tree (Broadcast Premiere)

Friday, Nov. 25 at 10 pm ET – Die Hard

Saturday, Nov. 26 at 11 am ET – Die Hard: With a Vengeance

Saturday, Nov. 26 at 1:30 pm ET – Live Free and Die Hard

Sunday, Nov. 27 at 4 pm ET – The Lego Movie

All times subject to change.

Travelers recap episode 6: HELIOS-685

In episode 5 of Travelers Marcy, Carly, Trevor and Philip were being held hostage in fenced cages in a dark basement by an unseen power that interrogated them about their missions via a 90s retro television set that spoke in caps lock. This unseen power attempted to brainwash the team by showing them false images of loved ones in danger on the screen. And in episode 6 we see another group of vulnerable folks whose minds are also being controlled by an unseen power, but not the same one as the travelers. This influential figure is god or more accurately a cult leader yelling about the upcoming rapture and the group of vulnerable folks are his elderly believers who are about to commit suicide. As they sit by the water, where the leader first welcomed them into his flock, the soon-to-be deceased followers raise their glasses filled with apple-juice-like poison and await their rise to heaven where they’ll get to chill with Jesus Christ.

But, of course, they never get to meet old JC because moments before they sip, they each grab hold of their heads and shriek in pain. Why? ‘Cause they’re becoming travelers of course! When the consciousness transfer is complete without any accidental misfires, the fresh crew of heroes get up and at them. As they march in a line away from the waterfront, the leader stops by a garbage bin to pick up a lunchbox, which we can only imagine is a super important package.

The episode proceeds to switch gears with an update about the condition of that soldier who was injured in that fake antimatter explosion way back in episode two. Through blurred focus we see that he’s been hospitalized and when he wakes up with a large gasp he find his boss, Major Gleason, standing beside his bed, who demands to know what happened the night of the explosion. His forgetful subordinate isn’t very helpful though and thinks that Gleason probably saw more than he did since he was following behind. Remember how you lied about that Major?

Without realizing it, the soldier does become helpful when he reveals that a “car came out of nowhere and a woman walked out”. Hold up dude. WHAT WOMAN? I mean, we know what woman (badass Carly obviously) but Gleason has no clue and he wants more of a clue. Thus, he kickstarts an investigation into who that woman was and what that car was doing there.

After two scenes involving characters who aren’t our beloved travelers, we FINALLY meet up with our core cast of world savers, beginning with the commander of the squad, FBI agent MacLaren who isn’t at the FBI office just yet. He has a sweet chat with his wife Kat about her craft of repairing antique furniture before he heads to work. As she does some sanding, he poetically expresses how impressed he is by her ability to take something broken and make it whole again. Dishing out compliments like this is not normal behaviour from her husband but Kat enjoys it nonetheless. What she doesn’t enjoy is him having to miss dinner once again.

MacLaren apologizes and departs to begin another day of mission accomplishing. Then we catch up with Trevor who is attempting to teach his sexist father a lesson about gender equality when his daddio forces his mom to change into a dress that he prefers. When his mother obliges to avoid a fight, Trevor dishes out a compliment as well about how lovely she looked in the other outfit. She’s touched by this and pecks his cheek as she gets into the car to drive out of town for the night. When Trevor’s parents are out of sight Carly pulls up and he hops in the passenger seat. And where are they headed? To the traveler hideout and headquarters of course to begin their next assignment or more accurately to RE-begin a past assignment since this is something they started back in episode 2. You got it. The antimatter has returned!

MacLaren gives his condolences to his team about their rough condition post-capturing but sadly the mission must go on, regardless of how bruised their bodies are. Getting rid of this antimatter is apparently why they were specifically sent to the 21st since it triggers the beginning of the fall of mankind. Therefore, they have to see it through to the end. In preparation, Dr. Marcy injects her buds with something that will prevent their nervous systems from shutting down and Trevor leads them in a traveler inspired prayer. I smell a recurring religious theme!

Meanwhile, the new-in-consciousness, old-in-age travelers have boarded a school bus to migrate to their desired location and they’re injecting something sweet into their veins as well. Are they participating in mission “get rid of antimatter”? It’s unclear but what is clear is that Dr. Delaney who is currently hosting the explosive material is 100% involved which she learns when MacLaren sends her a curt text that he’ll be dropping by real soon. Delaney is surprised by how soon when two aggressive men stroll in with a firm request that she come with them. Unfortunately she doesn’t know that said aggressive men are not members of MacLaren’s team. They work for Major Gleason. One of them stays behind to guard the antimatter as the other leads Delaney away from her precious invention and towards a giant white warehouse where Gleason resides. She’s shocked to learn that those were his goons but he’s not shocked to hear that she was expecting someone else. Her shock continues when she is held for questioning.

As the busload of elderly travels cruises along the road so do MacLaren and Carly and their van conversation is not an easy-breezy one. Carly is worried about not being able to protect her son from harm and MacLaren tries to keep her focused on the present. When she asks if he’s worried about his wife, he avoids answering and her jealousy grows. We take a break from the lovers quarrel to meet ANOTHER brand spanking new traveler who is literally sitting in their death bed. The host’s name is Bloom and before her consciousness was replaced she was about to receive the service of euthanasia. She rapidly changes her mind though and departs before the deed is done. MacLaren and his team pull up to Dr. Delaney’s place of work disguised as cleaners like in a previous episode… which episode? Episode two of course! See, Delaney was supposed to have told security that there was another leak but because she was abducted by Major Gleason she never got to do doing that. This explains why the guard on duty wasn’t informed about this “leak” and refuses to let the travelers through the secure iron gates.

So, MacLaren takes matters into his own hands, zaps the guard unconscious with one of his cool, futuristic dohookies and then Marcy does the same for the remaining two guards. The other officers turn out to also be travelers and assist in getting rid of their comatosed buddies. Philip notifies MacLaren that police and military radio signals are jammed outside the facility and the wind direction is on target, which is for some reason extremely important. Now, all they have to do is find Delaney and give her the antitoxin and explain what’s going on. Then comes another update: Carly’s reinforcements, which we learn are the busload of senior citizens, have been stopped at the border because of an expired passport. When MacLaren and Marcy enter the facility they discover that Delaney is also missing in action, which is odd because she said she’d be there. But, they don’t REALLY need her and go forward with the mission sans the doc.

Trevor and Phillip get right to work but not before discussing how since the present is constantly changing, the wind direction could change too which would result in a toxic cloud being blown towards the city. BUT, Philip affirms that a controlled release would allow for an evacuation. After they wrap up their convo, it’s right back to work, that is until they’re interrupted once more by a random man with a gun who wants them to put their hands up. He attempts to radio out but his radio signal simply will not work, which Philip tells him repeatedly. Also, that toxic cloud they spoke of is releasing in three… two… and the random man with a gun is dead. Whatever Marcy injected the travelers with earlier on has prevented Trevor and Philip from experiencing the same symptoms of being dead. As the team intended, a warning alarm goes off in the building about an air quality alert and demands that all personnel evacuate or head to their refuge areas.

Carly stands at the gates, pointing cars towards the exit as employees flee the scene. She welcomes a cab with a new traveler in the backseat as well. Which new traveler you ask? The older lady who decided to not be euthanized of course! Who is a rather accomplished engineer. Carly huffs about her being late but she retorts that the “device” hasn’t arrived yet so she isn’t late. She gently grabs hold of Carly and they stroll arm in arm towards the facility. How cute! Dr. Delaney is having less of a cute time being grilled by Major Gleason in a shadowy room. Gleason accuses her of selling the antimatter to a foreign power like Russia or North Korea. She denies the allegation and restates that what she created was a fraction of what she “thought” she created. He in turn threatens to charge her with aiding the enemy and espionage and she in turn calls him an idiot. What a fun game of cat and cat these two are playing! Back at the facility, the travelers are disappointed to learn that the missing Delaney put a biometric lock on the material which requires her retina scan to unlock. Trevor tries to crack the code and Philip begins his search for Delaney, who they suspect was taken against her will by the evil military.

And here comes the sassy Traveler 117 aka the elderly engineer who Carly escorted inside aka Bloom. She kindly greets each member and gives them some juicy gossip from the future. Allegedly MacLaren’s team is quite famous in the time to come, but not in a good way. They’re rather controversial and folks are arguing for and against them in heated debates. Bloom also discloses that it was she (among others) who located the travelers when they were taken prisoner in episode 5. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know who took them prisoner though. Lastly, she reminds the gang that if this mission is successful, this could have massive repercussions, including an asteroid called Helios 685 being deflected. They would save thousands of lives and drastically alter the course of humanity which would eliminate the illness, the shortages, and the wars that manufactured their post-apocalyptic home. It could also eliminate them being born.

While the travelers process the idea of their consciousness never existing, Carly radios in to say that the “device” has been delivered via helicopter. Which device you ask? An x ray laser of course! Which they will use to channel the energy from the antimatter into… you got it, X-RAYS. Now, all they need is access to the antimatter. After MacLaren argues with Bloom about what the best contingency plan should be if they don’t find Delaney, Philip announces a potential lead. He’s got the license plate of a car that arrived at the facility early that morning and goes to find that vehicle while the engineer heads to the roof to check out her adorable laser and Marcy leaves her social worker David an emotional voicemail saying goodbye. She advises him not to worry if she doesn’t return because she might “be relocated” aka she might “never be born”.

It was a painful message to deliver and Bloom is in her own painful state. Her host body was dying from cancer (hence the euthanasia) and she doesn’t have whatever medication she needs. But, she does have marijuana which is for sure one of the best pain killers around. She lights up a joint since her only task in the next few hours is turning a little key. Philip’s much more difficult task of locating Dr. Delaney has been accomplished by tracking down her tablet. MacLaren drives off to get their scientist back which Carly is not excited about. She’s been holding off police officers and firefighters who arrived on the scene to give a helping hand. In order to shoo them away, the travelers set off a second blast which sets off a second toxic cloud which sets off more non-traveler humans evacuating the area. MacLaren confidently walks into the warehouse where Gleason is holding Delaney and uses his FBI authority to casually intimidate, deceive and persuade the grumpy major into releasing the scientist into his custody.

Too bad that when they go to retrieve her, she’s vanished. Woops! Looks like Gleason made another mistake. Maclaren scolds his foolishness and sprints to sniff out Delaney AGAIN. Talk about deja vu. Oh no, wait, Delaney is in the back of the traveler’s van. Nevermind! She’s safe and sound and being injected with that delicious serum by Marcy to protect her nervous system. Delaney isn’t the only one finally disembarking at the facility. Here come the busload of elderly peeps and Carly is thrilled to get them locked and loaded. But, before they can fulfill their duties and assist in saving mankind, they need to empty their bladders. Their bladder control isn’t what it used to be and neither is Gleason’s memory. He forgot for a hot second there that he met MacLaren previously, when the agent was disguised as a cleaner the first time around. Between that revelation and the news reporting a toxic chemical leak, Gleason’s had just about enough. He orders his squad to suit up and get ready to go. Go where you ask? The facility of course!

Marcy, Delaney, and MacLaren arrive with what he thinks is plenty of time to spare but Carly says otherwise. He uses his plenty of time to passionately kiss his lover before she gets into firing position alongside Becky, the best sniper among the grandmas. Delaney is less passionate about the mission and refuses to provide her retina so the antimatter can be used to fuel some laser sitting on the roof that she’s never seen before. MacLaren attempts to get her on board by explaining that there’s an asteroid headed towards earth (Helios 685) which hasn’t been detected yet and when it strikes the Atlantic Ocean in 18 months the wave will knock out most of the Eastern Seaboard resulting in all of the bad stuff that Bloom mentioned earlier. But, if the laser is fired precisely 12 minutes from this chat then the beam will strike Helios and deflect it by 0.7 degrees which is enough of a deflection to miss the earth and bring all of the nations together, Brady Bunch styles. In order to power the laser though they need an antimatter detonation and as Delaney cautions it could be miles wide and would kill innocent people.

Bloom is aware of this factor already and she’s cool with it. She’s also cool with everyone in the facility dying and even dying herself and she’s VERY cool with Gleason and his men being shot at by Carly and the elderly travelers but she doesn’t want them to die, since you know, protocol 3. When Gleason recognizes that the snipers aren’t shooting to kill, his cohort moves forward without fear. An anxious Delaney concedes and provides his retina to scan. As soon as she does, Bloom informs MacLaren that she doesn’t want Delaney to die either ‘cause the future could use her and she orders him to get the scientist as far away as possible. MacLaren insists that they stay until the mission is complete. He’s worried about the soldiers getting in and messing everything up big time but the engineer isn’t concerned. If that happens, it will be in the hands of the director. So, the travelers do as they’re told and guide Dr. Delaney to safety.

Bloom then sets the process in motion. She lights a joint as she watches her invention/the laser glow in triumph. She’s pumped to be able to turn the key of her life’s work and go down as the greatest champion of all time. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get the opportunity to do that because Gleason and his boys come charging in, guns ablaze and take her out before she’s able to finish her joint. But, as Bloom predicted, the director takes control of the situation and suddenly the consciousness of a traveler possesses the body of a solider. When that soldier saunters towards the key Gleason takes him out too. And when another traveler soldier and another traveler soldier and another traveler soldier do the same Gleason executes them as well, one after another, leaving him standing alone in an empty room, which means… you got it. He grabs hold of his skull and cries out as a traveler makes their debut in the major’s brain. When he lands, he smirks, acknowledges his whereabouts and proceeds to stop Helios 685 from destroying earth.

Or does he? MacLaren and his team veer off the road as the antimatter detonates and the laser maybe does its thing and the asteroid is maybe deflected. Delaney asks how they’ll know if it worked and the agent replies that he isn’t sure that it did. Why? ‘Cause they’re still alive of course! Looks like it’s not the end for the travelers after all but it might be the end of humanity.

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Travelers recap episode 5: Room 101

In the previous episode of Travelers MacLaren and his crew had to shut down the dealings of a fellow, unruly traveler who was refusing to see eye to eye with the FBI agent in charge. In this episode, our gang meet another trio of fellow travelers, but this time they are NOT unruly. They’re cooperative, professional and a family. MacLaren, Carly, Marcy, Philip and Trevor meet this new team at the exact spot where their consciousnesses arrive, which happens to be a winding parking lot in the middle of the afternoon. The dad, who was behind the wheel of the vehicle almost drove it off the upper level of the lot but luckily the future arrives just in time. When our five fave travelers greet their coworkers they discover that this family of three is actually a family of four and there was meant to be a fourth traveler joining them in the body of a teenage daughter. The father, mother, and brother introduce themselves by their traveler numbers as the panicked young girl asks for an explanation about what is happening with her fam and who are these random strangers. MacLaren makes eye contact with his foursome as they all realize that there was a “misfire” aka one future consciousness didn’t make the trip.

Watch Travelers episode 5 online now.

MacLaren offers to escort Charlotte, said young girl, to her grandmother’s house so her mom, dad and bro can save a whole bunch of lives in less than 48 hours. Unfortunately Charlotte was this traveler team’s certified historian who appears to be responsible for tripling their funds via gambling so they have enough cash to survive. Philip takes on the position instead. He hands them a wad of dollar bills and advises that they put it on a particular horse in a particular race. Trevor hands off the device to the three relatives to kickstart the assignment and MacLaren heads towards his vehicle. A few minutes later, Philip, Marcy, Carly and Trevor are cruising around town in their automobile as they chat about the frightening past possibility that they could have all been “misfires” themselves. Trevor informs Carly that 30% of the original wave of travelers were misfires and then asks her if she still would have done it knowing that big risk.

But, before Carly can reply a giant pick-up truck smashes into the side of the car knocking the four passengers unconscious. When Trevor and Carly wake-up they are tied to wheelchairs and sitting within fenced cages in a dark room that has quite the leak. They’re connected to intravenous drips for hydration and apparently catheters are disposing of those liquids for them. Carly is bleeding from a head injury, Trevor has a wicked bad cut on his cheek and their communication devices have been removed from their bods so they have no way to contact MacLaren. But, they hope that regardless of that major problem, their fearless leader will triumph against all odds and rescue them. Trevor and Carly turn to see a still unconscious Marcy and an also still unconscious Philip in cages next to them. The four travelers are being held prisoner by a mysterious someone or something. Whoever it is, they aren’t pro-traveler.

When agent Forbes strolls into the FBI office he is not pleased with MacLaren who missed an important court date in the AM and he isn’t buying the excuse that his wife Katherine needed him to pick up an antique chair for a client. MacLaren wholeheartedly apologizes but Forbes isn’t buying that either and neither will the angry prosecutor who was rather upset with the agent’s absence. We return to the traveler hostages to see Carly struggling to break free from her chains and a silent unnamed man entering to take a continuing to be unconscious Philip from his cage and into another room. Eventually Marcy comes to and whimpers in pain from whiplash. Moments later the silent unnamed man reappears and this time he wheels Carly from her cage, through the exit and into a larger space that features a retro 90s inspired television set. The dude doing the wheelchair pushing and pulling sits Carly in front of the TV so it can do some interrogating. A question pops up on screen that reads “Who have you told?” in all caps.

Carly calls out for clarification to the man who brought her there but he isn’t helpful at all since he doesn’t seem to have a voice. After “Who have you told?” flashes for a second time and Carly proceeds to not answer for a second time a new query appears and this one has photos. The TV wonders if Carly knows who three men are: Mr. Hall, MacLaren, and Jeff. She claims to have never seen the first two but identifies the third as the father of her child. Then comes the scariest question thus far: “When are you from?” Uh oh. It appears that whoever non-speaking-guy works for knows who the travelers are and is trying to gather more info. Carly plays dumb as the qs keep coming. “What are the protocols?” surfaces seconds before the screen shows the traveler another image, but this time it’s a moving picture of her baby boy.

She then hysterically threatens to kill the television if it hurts her child. Speaking of hysterical guardians, Marcy’s social worker David is also in a panic about his client not returning home the night before. He bought groceries to make the dinner of her choosing, which he informs her on a voicemail, and she not only misses the meal she misses sleeping in the apartment. He’s so worried that he grabs hold of MacLaren’s business card which was given to him by the actual MacLaren back in episode one and heads out to pay the FBI agent a visit. David, thinking that Marcy works for the Federal Bureau of Investigation because she vaguely lied about that, wants to know if the FBI is aware that Marcy is missing. MacLaren was not aware of this and is immediately concerned. He gets David to leave his number with an assistant as MacLaren attempts to reach out to this team via their communication devices. He receives no responses.

Trevor and Marcy are meditating in their shackles as Philip is rolled back into his mini-prison. He is very relieved to know that he isn’t alone since he woke up from his slumber with no pals in sight. He isn’t relieved though to learn that he’s going through withdrawal again and, like the other travelers, is suffering a great deal. While they suffer together MacLaren attempts to locate them by using all of his resources at the FBI which his assistant finds extremely irritating. When MacLaren exits the building to do his own private search he bumps into David who’s been waiting outside for the past ten minutes and would like an update on Marcy’s whereabouts. MacLaren explains that if her face shows up anywhere there’s a close circuit TV camera they’ll know and David should just go home. Across town, Carly is heading back into her new home aka her tiny fenced in area. Before silent unnamed dude departs she requests that he wipe the blood from her eye because it’s obstructing her vision and he kindly obliges. Aw, so sweet!

When Carly informs her colleagues about what the TV asked her, specifically “Where are you from?”, the team becomes distraught as they realize that the screen knows what’s up. Silent unnamed dude reappears to bestow another sweet gesture onto another traveler in need. He gives Philip a hit of heroin via his IV drip and Marcy insists that he has injected him with too much and that he’ll overdose. Unfortunately, Marcy isn’t able to provide an official diagnosis on because she’s the next traveler in line for some serious retro 90s television interrogation.

The TV begins the interview as it usually does. “When are you from?”, etc, but then it does something unpredicted. The screen shows David receiving a call from “Marcy” informing him that she’s doing okay and he need not worry. This is followed by footage of a very high Philip being shot to death, the shock of which gives her a violent seizure. She soon discovers though that it was an illusion because the real Philip remains in his wheelchair as he rambles on about the bleak future. A time when you could taste metal in the air and the drinking water had been recycled so many times it could never be made pure again. His rambling reveals that the second dose of heroin he received wasn’t heroin. It was a strange concoction designed for someone who has been modified to be a historian and it’s resulting in memories pouring in like a flood. Memories like shelter 41 collapsing and killing thousands seconds after an alarm bell rung.

But, if the mysterious folks in charge of this abduction hoped to get information out of Philip via this concoction they were likely disappointed when all Philip provides them with is a collection of famous quotes and unbridled madness. Trevor is no use to them either. He spends his time in front of the TV cracking jokes and being as difficult as possible. MacLaren is making progress though on his end. His assistant locates the car that the travelers were in when the truck crashed into them. It’s in a junkyard. MacLaren learns that the airbags did go off so there’s hope that his travelers are still alive somewhere. He progresses even further when he meets up with office Boyd, a fellow traveler, at the police station where she works. Although he is breaking protocol again by speaking with her she’s more empathetic this time since his entire team has disappeared off the face of the earth. She suggests that maybe the director took them out for whatever reason and reminds him that the future holds the power. It’s not all bad news for MacLaren though. Boyd does offer to back him up if and when and hopefully he sniffs them out.

The traveler disappearance halts the mission that MacLaren was supposed to accomplish with the family members he met in the beginning of the episode. He meets the dad, mom and son travelers on a rooftop to inform them that the plan will not be moving forward. This means that hundreds of people will die, possibly including Carly, Marcy, Trevor and Philip if they don’t find an escape route real soon. Luckily, Carly has an idea; an insane idea but an idea nonetheless. When Marcy is placed back in her cage Carly launches into step one of her scheme which involves requesting again that the silent unnamed dude wipe the blood from her eye. When he reaches in to do so through a hole in the fence, she bites hard onto his arm. So hard in fact that blood begins to spill and spill and spill from his veins. She continues sinking her teeth into his skin until he is lying on the ground, no longer breathing. It was an insane idea and it WORKED.

Carly executes her violent attack just in time too. As she’s doing her best vampire impression, MacLaren simultaneously pinpoints the exact location of his team. He goes charging in, guns ablaze with office Boyd by his side and stumbles upon a once more unconscious traveler foursome, with the silent unnamed dude lacking a pulse nearby. He releases them from their prisons and holds a weak Carly in his arms, who is heartbroken to learn that the mission did not go forward. She suspects that preventing the mission was why the travelers were captured.

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New series Incorporated premieres November 30

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Starring Sean Teale as Ben Larson, this gripping drama set in the near future follows the young executive as he conceals his true identity to infiltrate a dangerous corporate world to save the woman he loves. Don’t miss the series premiere Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 10 ET.

Travelers recap episode 4: Hall

Last week’s episode of Travelers ended on a supreme cliffhanger involving Trevor pointing to a name on Philip’s wall of upcoming human deaths and revealing that he knows one of the humans who will soon be dead. Sadly, we did not learn who that soon-to-be-dead human is. Instead, we were introduced to a few new characters who each possess the consciousness of a traveler and the host body of someone who was once on Philip’s list of the recently deceased.

Watch Travelers episode 4 online now.

But we don’t know at first that this trio of gents are travelers. They appear to be a classic gang of bad criminals, or more specifically drug dealers and/or dudes purchasing some illegal car parts and/or a group of normal pals hanging outdoors at the wrong place and really at the wrong time. MacLaren and his FBI partner Forbes aren’t sure which one they are but it’s clear that these boys are up to no good, which is why the episode begins with the agents watching in the distance via binoculars and a camera as the boys wait to make a shady deal. When the Russian salesmen they’re buying from show up, the deal does not go down smoothly. After a backpack filled with money is handed over, shots are fired, bodies are hit by cars, and bloods are shed.

The trio of buyers manage to flee and avoid the wrath of MacLaren and Forbes but one of the Russians is left wounded on the ground. When MacLaren approaches him, he is shocked to hear a message from the director expel from the mouth of the dying man. Apparently, support is required for a fellow traveler and specific directions need to be followed. MacLaren executes an escape plan by lying once again to Forbes. He vows to chase after the crooks who got away while responsible Forbes stays behind and calls for backup. MacLaren hops in his car, rings Philip and Marcy and requests that they join him on the urgent mission. MacLaren needs Philip to find the location using the messenger’s coordinates and he needs Marcy to meet him at the location with her medical kit. Unfortunately, Philip is still recovering from his own gunshot wound so he can’t participate but Marcy picks up Carly and her large collection of weapons on the way.

MacLaren is shocked for a second time when he arrives at the location to discover that the traveler he needs to assist is one of the dudes from the crime scene. He explains who he is but their guns are reluctant to believe him. They wonder how an adult could survive receiving a message from the director without it killing him. MacLaren explains further that it did kill him but he was already dying. Hello! Eventually they back down since their injured bud Luca is minutes from perishing and their medic has already perished so they could benefit from Marcy’s skills. When MacLaren asks what happened with their deal, Mr. Hall, the leader of this traveler squad, gives a synopsis. They were on a mission to acquire a component from Russian travelers and deliver it to another team for testing. The Russian’s historian was dead so they were out of cash and Hall’s boys had to finance them in exchange for the handoff. But, those Russian babies got real greedy and went rogue. They wanted to keep the money and the component so they could sell it. But, in the process they seriously busted the damn thing like a bunch of spoiled idiots.

MacLaren is shocked for a third round when he learns that traveler teams can and will turn on each other. Carter, the final member of Hall’s crew, scoffs that the FBI agent must be new. After Mr. Hall and MacLaren share in a quick petty argument about how badly the component was damaged and how unreliable that plan was, Marcy and Carly breeze in with the medical goods. But, those goods aren’t as good as they need to be in order to save the life of hemorrhaging Luca or internally bleeding Carter, who we discover has fatal health issues as well. Marcy wants to take both of them to the hospital but temperamental Mr. Hall is not having any of it. See, the pair of almost deceased vigilantes are wanted by the police making Dr. Marcy their only option.

As Marcy takes a closer look at her patient, MacLaren takes a call from Forbes who informs him that they’ve got three dead bodies back at the scene. MacLaren then does what he does best and lies to his partner about not knowing the whereabouts of the car he was pursuing. Marcy can’t locate the bullet inside Luca and she promises Hall that if she operates she WILL kill him. But, she has an idea. Carter is coughing up blood because his lungs are full of blood and he will guaranteed not survive the night. Thus, they can use Carter’s blood to save Luca’s life! Brilliant! Or not brilliant, according to Mr. Hall. Marcy assures him that both men will be kaput if they don’t go this route, which means that Mr. Hall has a very important, very critical decision to make as the leader of this unit. Thankfully, he decides correctly and they sacrifice one to rescue the other. MacLaren heads out to throw Forbes off their scent as Marcy operates through the night.

Meanwhile, Trevor is having a totally different kind of day. He’s enjoying a joyful morning run at school with his bestie by his side. Trevor is super fast but his throwing arm is less impressive. And his aim isn’t the only thing that needs improvement. His teacher, Ms. Day, visits him on the track to reveal that Trevor’s parents will be meeting with her to discuss his grades later that day and she’d like Trevor to join. Carly also has an unexpected family meeting when she returns home to pick up her baby and her abusive ex Jeff drops by to chat. He tries to prevent her from driving off but a swift kick to his groin allows Carly to scoot right by him. But before getting behind the wheel she reminds him that if he wants to see his kid he’s gotta pay child support.

Jeff can’t comprehend how Carly has changed so drastically in a short period of time. Across town, Philip is praying for an equally drastic change in his life. As he sits in the hideout, going through withdrawal and healing his injury, he receives an unwelcome social call from his former lawyer who comes bearing percocets. As Philip swallows a handful of pills, the lawyer has a look at his wall of accurate fatality predictions. Philip, who can barely move from his chair, does a mediocre job of shrugging it off like it’s nothing but his previous legal representation knows better. He sees the dates for months from now and guesses that it’s the gambling metrics. This is how Philip aces all of his sports prophecies. Wrong again, law man. But, his incorrect analysis of the calendar-to-come is enough to blackmail Philip into giving the gambling addict more bets.

After Marcy finishes a stellar night of surgical work, she heads home and encounters an undesirable interrogation as well. Everybody seems to be struggling with one of these unfortunate convos and Marcy’s is from the same guest that Carly kicked in the groin earlier on in the episode. Yes, it’s Carly’s abusive ex Jeff who is taking advantage of his police officer gig to get some info out of Marcy that he can link back to Carly. When she tries to dodge his questioning about her beating down those four dudes in that parking lot, Jeff uses another tactic. He inquiries as to why Marcy is living with her social worker if she is as fine as she says she is and does she know that if said social worker is found guilty of fraternizing with a client, especially one who has developmental issues, he could be terminated. Marcy doesn’t take the bait of his threats though. Instead she takes a call and bids farewell to police officer Jeff.

After saying goodbye to Jeff, she then says hello to Hall and her patient Luca who has foolishly opened up his stitches by having a raging fit of night terrors when he was very unconscious. Marcy sews him back up as MacLaren attempts to concoct a distraction for Forbes who is such an excellent cop that he’s traced Hall and Luca to exactly where they currently reside. Also, he’s already got a warrant so they can suit up and head down there immediately to crack some illegal-car-part-buying skulls. Luckily, MacLaren is able to contact Marcy in time for Hall and Luca to disappear. Trevor wants to attempt his own disappearing act and vanish from the meeting with his teacher and his parents where he is being held prisoner. He manages to rapidly fade away by promising to quit football, focus on the sciences and not listen in to the private conversation he knows Ms. Day needs to have with his parentals. Smooth Trevor. Very smooth.

When MacLaren and Forbes reach their destination, guns in hand, they slowly circle the building before entering. They’re joined by a few sidekick agents as well. MacLaren delivers an Oscar winning performance as he sprints towards the entrance with a fake look of panic and worry and O.M.G. But, when Forbes grabs hold of the doorknob and a rather large explosion goes off, almost killing several agents, MacLaren’s look of panic and worry and O.M.G. is quite authentic because he had NO CLUE that was gonna happen. As Carly drives the getaway car with her baby on board, she rips into Hall for not warning MacLaren about the explosion since you know, he almost died. When MacLaren storms into the traveler’s hideout he isn’t pleased either, evidenced by his yelling at Hall, who stands by that he had to destroy their base of operations and everything inside it so the FBI couldn’t track them. MacLaren does not accept this response.

The agent’s anger only increases when Trevor says that fixing the component won’t be easy but they can do it and Hall rudely replies “You damn well better”. After Carly settles a screaming match between the two leaders, Trevor and Phillip get to work on the fixing and MacLaren and Carly get some air… alone. Wink wink wink. They share a real cute moment when MacLaren rattles on about how the explosion will not help in deescalating the situation and Carly adorably contrasts that by rattling on about how she’s gotta call her babysitter. They very slightly touch hands before they separate once more like Romeo and Juliet. Then Marcy shares a touching moment too with Luca when she chats with him about his night terrors; something that her brother suffered with as well. This inspires her to ask a question of Hall. She discloses that when she was young there was an emergency evacuation in her shelter block and she was separated from her brother. In a not so subtle way, she’s of course wondering if maybe possibly maybe Luca could be her biological bro? And this mission is actually a fun family reunion?

But grumpy Mr. Hall isn’t interested in discussing familial bonds. He reminds Marcy of Protocol 2 which states that the future should be left in the past. He then launches into a speech about how to do this job and stay alive you need to be focused and this team is NOT focused. Hall refers to them as a bunch of tourists as he criticizes Trevor for being worried about his parents grounding him, Carly for bringing her infant on the mission, Philip for being a junkie, and MacLaren for not knowing which side he’s on. Hall thinks their priorities are out of whack and Carly thinks his attitude is out of whack. The two combative travelers have a tense stare down until Hall yields.

MacLaren’s wife Kat kind of agrees with Hall in a sense. When she drops by the FBI with Chinese food for her workaholic husband who’s burning the midnight oil, she’s understanding of his long hours at the office. However, she’s curious as to what’s going on with their sex life. It’s been an awfully long time and she fears that work isn’t the only thing that she’s sharing MacLaren with aka HE BETTER NOT BE SLEEPING AROUND WITH ANOTHER WOMAN OR ELSE. Philip is having relationship problems too, but not with his wife, with his lawyer, who did procured a safe house where Hall and Luca can chill for a bit but wants a big payout in return. He demands to get 8% commission, as well as the rent and some bets for tomorrow. An annoyed Philip agrees to 10% commission and no bets to get his selfish lawyer off his back.

Marcy continues her pursuit to discover if Luca is her consciousness relative when the two of them take a lovely stroll around town to prevent his blood from clotting and she casually inquires about his host’s family. Back at the hideout, Trevor succeeds in repairing the component and MacLaren informs Hall that they have a safehouse for him and it’s time for the grump to go. Mr. Hall as per usual thinks otherwise. He not only wants to stay, he also wants to lead the team. The squabble is put on hold when Forbes calls MacLaren to give his partner an update on what information he’s confirmed. He IDed all of the dead bodies and he’s got a picture of Luca strolling around town with an unidentified blonde lady. Wuh oh! MacLaren fibs about a lead he’s got on the “missing” Hall, promptly hangs up the phone and returns to reiterating that it’s time for the grump to go. But Mr. Hall not only wants to stay, he also wants MacLaren to kill Forbes.

The FBI agent is too good at his job and Hall thinks he’s jeopardizing the mission so the only solution is to take him out. He intimidates Maclaren by boasting about his seniority and convinces him to do what needs to be done and deal with Forbes as he and Luca take care of the component drop off. None of the traveler’s are keen on the idea of murdering an innocent, heroic human to save a grumpy asshole but MacLaren moves forward with the deadly plan and tells Forbes to meet him at a mysterious address. When the partners unite, Forbes takes the lead in exploring the area as MacLaren, gun in hand, walks behind him, mentally and physically preparing to savagely assasinate his new awesome friend. The suspense builds and builds and builds until finally a black rental car pulls up and unexpectedly the traveler leader yells out “FBI!” But, who’s in the black rental car you ask? Only Mr. Hall and Luca, who were 100% sure that MacLaren would come through and continue to fall in line or else they’d take him out too. Looks like the agent is full of more surprises than Hall predicted because he does the exact opposite.

MacLaren doesn’t kill Forbes. He doesn’t fall in line. He isn’t taken out. He arrests Hall and Luca and gets the grump to finally go. And that drop off they were supposed to make is handled by Carly and Trevor with the help of Philip who contacts the traveler team they need to connect with and has them meet at a different address. Each traveller heads home as they usually do after a highly dramatic day of mission completing and before bed, a topless MacLaren sends them an emotional message via their neck phones. He sadly reflects on having to turn on a traveller, he thanks them for sticking by his side, he mutters that they’ll find out soon if they made the right decision and he encourages them to get some rest. They each listen in as they ruminate about their host’s lives. A tired Marcy longingly stares at a photo of her and David. A studious Trevor reads a science textbook. A determined Philip wipes away his death predictions from the door-window. And a topless Carly kisses the shoulder of MacLaren who she is lying in bed with. She gently calms her beau’s nerves by declaring that she believes they did do the right thing. This turns MacLaren on so much that even though he should leave and get back to his wife who was totally correct about him cheating on her, he just can’t stop kissing sexy Carly.

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Supergirl 2×03: The Best Moments

Supergirl’s third episode of season two was an exciting one with an extra-special guest: Lynda Carter. Let’s take a look at some of the top moments from the episode!

Kara fangirling over the President

Kara talking

This was beyond adorable. Kara’s adoration for the President rivalled Winn’s obsession with Superman. She was nervous to meet her, and completely starstruck when she saw her in person for the first time. The way she was shown next to a little girl really mirrored how Kara felt on the inside, like a child meeting their hero!

Kara talking to a child


Supergirl saves the President

Supergirl saves the President

Kara’s excitement over meeting the President was overshadowed by an assassination attempt, which Kara had to stop. When fireballs began raining out of the sky, the President was lucky that Supergirl was there to save her. Man, that cape has some serious fireproofing on it!

Kara breaks Lena’s alien detection device

Kara and Lena

Our hearts were beating a little bit faster watching this scene, and so was Kara’s. Lena Luthor revealed that her current brainchild was a device that would reveal any alien’s true identity through touch. Kara bristles at the idea, as this would mean her secret would be revealed, and she’s already put so much work into keeping it hidden. Luckily, Lena turns her back just in time and Kara is able to zap the device, rendering its abilities useless.

Kara and James being friendly

James and Kara

Although their romance was short-lived, Kara and James clearly still care for each other. It’s nice to see Kara boosting James’ confidence when he’s struggling in his new role as Cat’s replacement. It was definitely the pep talk he needed to be able to stand up to Snapper Carr.

James standing up to Snapper

James and Snapper Carr

Seeing James come into his own power was really gratifying. After an entire episode of Snapper calling the shots, James reclaimed his role as the head of CatCo, and it was great to see more of him in this episode. Snapper was really out of line, and he’s becoming more and more of an adversary this season, so it was great to see him get a taste of his own medicine.

Kara apologizes 

Kara apologizing

Kara spent the entire episode judging the mystery visitor, assuming he was exactly like the others of his planet, even though she had never met him and knew nothing about him as a person. Kara shows us that even though she’s a superhero, she makes mistakes too, and it’s important to own up to those mistakes. She takes it upon herself to apologize and get to know the new visitor, and it seems that because his planet met a similar fate to hers, they have much more in common than they thought.

The daughter of Mars

Daughter of Mars

This was a shocking cliffhanger. Up until now, we’ve worked under the assumption that J’onn J’onzz is the only remaining alien from Mars, and now we’re seeing another one. Who is she? Why has she kept herself hidden for all this time, and why haven’t her and J’onn crossed paths in some capacity? How did J’onn not know he wasn’t alone? There are too many questions to count on this one.

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