The Path: The Hole

In this week’s episode of The Path, we picked up where we left off last week, with Eddie digging the hole as part of his 7R training. After digging all night he saw a vision of Sarah and Cal making out, which was disturbing for all of us. Before Eddie could arrive home, he received a frantic call from Sarah that Hawk hadn’t come home the night before. Wouldn’t this have been something she noticed before she went to bed? Nevertheless, Hawk woke up on the grass next to Ashley, they fell asleep after the party. He kissed Ashley before frantically scrambling for home. Despite attempting to come in quietly, Hawk was bombarded by the entire family – including Sarah’s parents, and cousins. Hawk wanted to speak privately about what happened but Sarah was having none of it, demanding an explanation. Joy tattled on him about Ashley and how he’d been spending time with her at school. Sarah’s mother stressed that she had to get the situation under control, as Sara’s parents had “lost a child” before. This was the first I’d heard of Sarah having a sister named Tessa, at first I thought she died, but it sounded like Tessa gave up her beliefs and lived elsewhere – so not really lost. But I guess it’s all or nothing for Meyerists.

Turned out Abe is not a Detective as I originally thought, he’s an FBI agent. He and his wife took their daughter for tests and were anxious about hearing the results. While they waited, his wife wanted support while Abe insisted he must go to work. Abe met with Alison, after discovering her website and asked her why she stayed so close to the compound. Alison said she wanted answers and for the Meyerists to own up to what they did to her husband, Jason. The report on Jason’s death indicated he committed suicide when he jumped off a mountain. Alison dismissed the claim, Jason climbed that mountain all the time. He’d also been flying to Peru every other week, but shortly before his death he insisted it would be the last time he would do it. Abe suggested Alison leave and start a new life, let the FBI figure out what happened. She was obviously displeased by the suggestion. Back at his office, with the help of his tech, Abe found Jason’s chequing account had many deposits from Lima, Peru which made Abe suspect drug trafficking.

John Ridge burst into Cal’s home demanding to know where his wife and son were. Cal, knowing nothing of what Sarah did in last week’s episode tried to play catch up. John insisted Cal “get control of his people.” Before stalking out, leaving Cal looking more enraged than we’d ever seen him.

Sara continued to freak out about Hawk and made drastic suggestions about realignment, but Eddie was hesitant to act so hasty. Despite Sarah insisting Hawk was nothing like Tessa, she was obviously scared they’d “lose him.” Eddie wanted to try a softer hand at parenting, like his parents had done for him but when Sarah curtly replied that approach did nothing to help him or his brother, Eddie felt verbally bitch slapped. They were interrupted by Cal’s knock on their door, Cal unleashed on Sarah for sending Freddie Ridge to Peru but Sarah didn’t back down, believing it was the best thing for him. Eddie came out and forced Cal to leave, he wasn’t going to let Cal talk to his wife like that. Cal fled home to call Silas. He left frantic messages not to give Freddie Ridge the medicine. Mary came in at precisely the wrong moment to tell Cal that she and Sean had sex. He was dismissive of her and her news, leaving her very upset. Once alone, Cal attempted to calm his rage through deep breathing.

Back at the Lane house, Sarah wanted to pull Hawk out of school early but Hawk, obviously didn’t want to (now). She told him in no uncertain terms that he’d leave school at 16 regardless. Once Sarah stalked off, Eddie and Hawk spoke more candidly. Hawk asked Eddie if Ashley was bad. Eddie struggled to answer diplomatically, but told him Ashley was ignorant and doesn’t know what she is yet.

Cal found Sarah praying at the altar and apologized for his earlier behaviour. Sarah told Cal about Hawk’s recent troubles. When Tessa was almost 16 and readying to take her vows, “she chose to be ignorant” what if Hawk did the same? After a loaded moment between them, Cal suggested he and Sarah pray for Hawk. Mary witnessed their intimate exchange undetected and became upset. Later, Eddie and Cal continued their 7R training while Eddie attempted to memorize seemingly random number combinations. When they took a break, Eddie discovered Sarah told Cal about Hawk, which he had wanted to keep private. When Cal questioned him again about what he saw in the hole, Eddie lied and said he saw how Cal yelled at Sarah, then soon after it came true. Cal apologized again for his behaviour. When Eddie asked what Cal saw when he did 7R, Cal admitted he saw a vision that he was a no one, a nothing. Eddie didn’t have that fear and Cal envied it.

Sean found Mary packing up to leave saying she needed to start over elsewhere. He implored her to stay. He gave her an impassioned account of how his sister’s death and death of his friends in the school shooting were representative of the ugliness of the world, but not the world they’re in now. He wanted her to stay with him, and we see later that she does. Maybe her desire for Cal is being over taken by a trusting relationship with Sean? Abe received a visit from creepy Mr. Cox who wanted to know the status of the investigation. Abe didn’t reveal what he’d learned about Mr. Cox from Mary but assured him that he would be the first to know when the case developed. Abe met up with Eddie posing again as Sam, stating he’d like to take his vows. But Eddie could tell Sam was concerned with something else. Sam explained his daughter was sick, something that caused a strain on her lungs. They were waiting to hear more from the doctor but she could possibly need open heart surgery. Eddie comforted Sam, explaining that the fear of unknowing is the worst part, the Ladder won’t change whether his daughter is sick or not. I think Abe is starting to like Eddie.

At home, Sarah attempted a gentler approach with Hawk and told him the story of being six weeks pregnant and she’d lost the baby’s hear beat. She went to Peru and the baby (Hawk) “came back.” She won’t lose him again. At school, Hawk told Ashley he couldn’t see her anymore. She responded that a “religion that tells you who you can and cannot like is stupid.” Hawk struggled with letting her go. At home, Sarah used that weird machine on her head again, when Hawk came in and apologized to her for his recent actions. He planned to plant trees as his “offset.” Sarah thought it was a great idea. But later that night, Hawk snuck out to be with Ashley. Did they plan the confrontation at school?

In Peru, Freddie was given the medicine by Silas and began to hallucinate. At the Ridge home, John accused Cal of preying on his wife and threw insults at him. Cal defended Sarah’s actions and called her an angel who would likely save John’s son’s life. After John threw him out, Cal was beat senseless by one of John’s cronies.

Will Hawk get caught being with Ashley again? What will he do when he’s forced to between family and love? Would Eddie force his son to make that choice? What will Cal do now that he’s been assaulted at the hands of John Ridge? Will Freddie Ridge conquer his addiction with Silas’ help in Peru? Will we ever see Tessa? What did you think of this episode of The Path?

The Path: A Dark and Ominous Future

I’m really starting to wonder where the Path is going (no pun intended). After 4 episodes, I’m surprised that Hawk has strayed the most from his beliefs, I’m surprised Eddie hasn’t re-pursued his doubts, and most of all: I’m surprised Miranda Frank is alive. As we start to see some of the motivations that drive the elder members of Meyerism – I have to wonder where things are headed. Let’s break down what happened on this week’s episode, “the Future.”

Eddie and Sarah waited for word on Miranda, who’d been taken to the hospital. Sarah felt guilty that she’d somehow made the situation (which made me instantly suspicious of the green drink, but as it turns out, Sarah’s off the hook). Meyerist elders Bill and Felicia, a beloved married arrived for Ascension Day, which celebrates the anniversary of Steven Meyer climbing the Ladder and finding the Light for the first time. As it turned out, Bill and Felicia also had doubts about Cal’s leadership. But as we learned throughout this episode is that Cal is a force to be reckoned with and can manipulate people to his will. Starting with, Miranda Frank.

Miranda rested in hospital after low blood sugar caused her to fall and break her arm. She continued to question why Eddie was lying about their affair, Cal asked her to remember what happened on their retreat. She revealed that Eddie was crying, talking about his dead brother and repeating over and over again that there was “no light.” She mentioned that she hugged Eddie and attempted to comfort him before Silas (another one of the elders) took him away. Cal told her that sometimes a thought is so powerful it transcends thought.” Apparently that convinced her that something really had taken place – which honestly, maybe I’m missing something, but makes absolutely no sense to me. I suppose the fact that they took “the medicine” could explain a cloudy memory, but after they spoke Miranda was guilt ridden over what she’d done. I just don’t understand how he managed to convince her it was real, but perhaps that’s the power of Cal.

Sarah worked with some of the kids suffering from addiction (including Mary). After their session they removed the machines from their heads – I’ve been wondering about those machines, everyone in the organization seems to use them, but what are they actually supposed to do? Among the addicts was the Ridge’s son, Freddie. Kerry and John came to check up on their son’s progress. He gave a seemingly sincere apology and appeared reformed. But when Sarah spoke to the Ridge’s she emphasized that Freddie’s work was not over yet. When she brought up giving him the medicine (the gross green drink). John Ridge became angry and took his son away.

Eddie went to the hospital to see Miranda, but she was already discharged. He became suspicious (and so did I) that Cal might have done something to her. Cal’s seemed suspicious after hearing about the retreat and was frustrated when Silas refused to tell Cal what happened. A new plan in mind, Cal suggested Eddie do “7R.”

After receiving an angry call from John Ridge, Cal told Sarah not to use the medicine anymore. He claimed it was because one of their members ended up in the hospital because of it but Sarah believed in the medicine. He ordered her not to use it on Freddie Ridge if he returned and stormed away. When Kerry called Sarah later, Sarah’s prediction that Freddie would return to using were confirmed. Sarah found him in a drug den with a needle in his arm and drove Kerry and Freddie to the airport. They would fly to Silas who would help Freddie get better. Kerry feared what her husband would do once he found out but Sarah assured her it was the right thing to do for her son.

At school, Ashley invited Hawk to a party but he declined as it’s against the rules. Also against the rules, contemporary music apparently. As it “brings darkness into the world.” Oh brother. Ashley gave Hawk an iPod to open his mind about music. As Ashley and Hawk were saying goodbye, Hawk’s cousin Joy watched their conversation from afar with some major cut eye. When she questioned Hawk about it later he was evasive, Joy claimed Ashley was trying to “corrupt him” (and to be fair, she might be? Who can say for sure with teenagers?) But Hawk didn’t heed her warning, he snuck out to the party and kissed Ashley.

Eddie found Sarah at “her spot” on a dock near the lake where they discussed Eddie doing 7R, Sarah was supportive but also surprised Cal wanted to be Eddie’s guide (usually Silas guides 7R). Eddie and Sarah discussed moving passed the Miranda Frank situation and eventually laughed, joked around and jumped into the cold lake together, maybe there’s hope for these crazy kids after all?

That evening after a pissed off Cal was benched for Ascension Day by Bill and Felicia, Cal went to see Mary (who was in bed)and asked her to speak at the celebration. She told Cal she’d been growing closer with Sean and the exchange turned strange as Cal started to masturbate in front of her. When Mary tried to assist him, he declined and proceeded while she talked about her relationship with Sean and the things they had/had not done together. Afterwards he thanked her and retreated, leaving her looking confused (and rightfully so).

The next morning was Ascension Day – October 28, 1974 was the day Steve Climbed the ladder and saw the light. When Felicia tried to climb after him her hands were burned making the story and her hands famous (for their scars), only Steve was meant to climb. Detective Abe posing again as Sam Field, came to Ascension Day as a “possible” as he had not been deemed ready to take his vows yet. He was caught off guard when he heard Mary speak about her father’s abuse and prostituting of her from a young age. At home, Abe had been telling his wife about the Meyerists and how he knew something dark was going on there, but I wonder if he’ll feel differently now that he’s realized they’ve helped Mary from an even darker situation? Abe’s wife was also concerned about their infant daughter’s constant crying at home, she felt something might be wrong. Abe was dismissive at first, but by end of episode relented that the daughter should see a specialist.

Late that night Cal had it out with Bill and Felicia. They didn’t believe he was ready to lead, and Steven had given them the responsibility to watch over him. They discussed Steven’s deteriorating health, while Bill and Felicia believed there would be a miracle to save him, Cal was more realistic. He discussed how there is no plan in place to carry on the Community once Steve was gone. He asked what would happen to their finances that the Community generates, if it all went away? Apparently Meyerism pays for Bill and Felicia’s home and 4 kids in San Francisco. It’s interesting to consider the movement from a business perspective. Apparently business is good.

When Felicia questioned Cal about Miranda Frank and mentioned that Alison Kemp was “running around out there,” this was the first time anyone in the community had mentioned Alison’s name and seemed to allude that she was some sort of threat. Sounds like Alison might be telling the truth about her husband. While Cal offered no explanation about Alison, he took Bill and Felicia to Miranda. She admitted she wanted away from the hospital and their “nasty drugs.” When Miranda was preparing to leave with Bill and Felicia, she finally saw Eddie. She apologized for what “she did” and explained she was going to oversee outreach in San Diego.

Cal told Bill and Felicia he would write the last 3 rungs of the Ladder because he has the gift to make people believe – he’s the chosen son. They reluctantly seemed to go along, at least for now, but they told Cal he’d never get Silas on board with his plan. At the close of the episode, Eddie stumbled through the woods to a spot where Cal was waiting with a shovel. He instructed Eddie to dig as part of his 7R training. “Dig until you find something.” Cal said, why do I get a bad feeling about this?

How could Cal have possibly convinced Miranda that she actually did something wrong? Are his powers of persuasion that great? What must Eddie think knowing that nothing happened but Miranda now believes it did? Is Cal going to force Eddie into the hole he digs and interrogate him about his doubts? Or to get answers about the 6R retreat? Is Detective Abe starting to believe in what the Meyerists are selling? What will Eddie and Sarah do when they find out their son has been misbehaving? What did you think of this week’s episode of the Path?






The Path: An Unfortunate Homecoming

Everyone is lying, except for poor Miranda Frank. We had our fair share of family drama when we met Cal’s mother, who surfaced a darkness in her son. All the while Steven’s health continued to deteriorate on this week’s episode of the Path.

Eddie continued to recommit to his faith this week, leading a talk about the community forgiving each others mistakes. An interesting parallel to Miranda Frank being put into a van and driven away somewhere. As it turned out, that somewhere was right on Sarah’s doorstep. Cal told Sarah that Miranda hadn’t “unburdened” about Eddie (and rightfully so, as nothing happened) and though it wasn’t protocol to bring her there, Cal was making special exceptions for Sarah’s benefit (or maybe more of his own? Didn’t it seem?).

Back in his car listening to his CD’s of non-verbal cues, Cal listened about how to take on the sudden role of “alpha.”This was particularly interesting because at the top of the episode Cal had been in Peru learning that Dr. Steven Meyer’s tumor was not responding to treatment. Does anyone know where the Meyerists stand on medical treatment? I wasn’t sure if they favoured the all natural approach as a way to give back to the earth or if they make use of current medical practices? Cal arrived to a dirty apartment run down with liquor bottles and a lit cigarette left forgotten. It was his mother Brenda’s (an unrecognizable Kathleen Turner) home. They hadn’t seen each other in 3 years but her superintendent had called about a grease fire she’d had in the apartment. He began to clean up while she poured herself a drink, not exactly a loving reunion for either of them.

The cop we met last week who was suspicious of the Meyerists, Detective Abe Gaines, went undercover. Calling himself Sam Field, he pretended to be interested in joining. Eddie walked “Sam” through the compound and explained how things worked. Afterwards, Abe visited Mary’s father who promised he’d bring Mary home. Now obviously Abe doesn’t have the whole story but I’ve got a bad feeling about how that’s going to turn out.

Eddie met with Alison again, who could see right away that they “got him back.” Eddie admitted he was living the truth again, but as Alison pointed out, he still hadn’t told Sarah about her/his previous doubts or about her. Eddie sped away angrily, leaving Alison more alone than ever. When she parked her car outside of his house later, Eddie threatened to kill Alison if she ever showed up there again.

Sarah went to the locked room where Miranda was, let’s face it, being held prisoner. At first Miranda attempted to reason with Sarah and explain she did nothing wrong, but Sarah was having none of it. Miranda turned angry (understandably so)and lashed out at Sarah that because she’s a Lane she is royalty in the community and can get away with whatever she wants. Sarah insisted Miranda drink up the weird green juice (that Eddie had when he was in house during last week’s episode). Apparently drinking it fresh is the only way it works. This begs the question: what is IN this stuff? And why do they all need to drink it? Are they being drugged in some way? Very curious.

As Cal continued to clean up his mother’s apartment Brenda rehashed their old issues. Apparently not long after joining Meyerism Cal’s father left but Cal left both parents behind in favour of Steven Meyer and his beliefs. Cal’s parents continued their downward spiral of alcoholism. His father had passed away 3 years previously. Maybe Cal made the right call in the worst situation? Maybe that’s what Mary’s doing now too? Cal wanted his mother to move to assisted living, which he was willing to pay for. Brenda promised she would on the condition that Cal had one drink with her. Not a great mother by any means. Cal agreed, but it was clear that he wouldn’t stop at just one.

Hawk kept a look out for Ashley while she showered in the girls locker room as her electricity had been shut off at home. As they walked together after school he attempted to explain some of his beliefs to her and how Meyerists in their teens are considered HS – hyper sensitized. He also explained that Ashley was “ignorant of the right way to live your life.” Ashley mused that was kind of rude to say but he told her it wasn’t meant to be. A few nights later, Hawk took a generator from the compound and hooked it up to give Ashley’s family power. At school the next day she thanked him with a kiss, leaving him flustered.

Back at Sarah and Eddie’s house, Sarah’s sister in law Nicole passive aggressively enjoyed Sarah’s marriage troubles. Sarah’s mother counseled her daughter that her walls would come down in time, having been through the same thing with Hank years ago. Also oddly, while the kids played in the living room Sarah’s brother sang a song with his kids about Steven Meyer and the Ladder – they’ve got literally everything.

At the assisted living facility, Brenda began to tell the employees Cal was in a cult. He lashed out at her, saying he should let her die like a dog in the street before grabbing her arm, hard. Afterwards, Cal called Sarah and told her he was drunk because of his mother and explained how he grabbed her. Sarah was understanding and told him to get sober and come back to them, with a warmth we hadn’t seen in Sarah since Eddie’s apparent indiscretion. When Eddie asked her about the call, Sarah said it was Cal but lied about the reason.

Later, Sarah went back to see Miranda and unleashed on her. She told Miranda she was “nothing, a nobody, a whore. You will complete the program, every second of it, now drink up.” And left Miranda as a continued prisoner. Later, when Sarah and Eddie attempted an exercise in connecting, Sarah revealed Miranda Frank was there and that she was trying to get passed what happened.

When Cal returned from his mother, he told Sarah that while in Peru Steve told him the final rungs of the ladder were about succession of leadership. That it was time for Steve to move on to a new place (that’s one way of putting it). Sarah realized the new leader would be Cal, when he asked if that was crazy she said “it’s you, it’s always been you.” Did anyone else think she might be talking about more than just Meyerism given the look on her face?

As I was anticipating, Eddie went to Miranda. He was stopped by a guard at first but waved through when Eddie explained it was a “family matter” – must have been some of that Lane family power. He knocked on the door to announce himself to Miranda. When she didn’t answer Eddie went in and found Miranda lying on the floor, blood dripping from her mouth as Eddie screamed for help.

Did Sarah do something to Miranda? Or did Miranda harm herself? Could it have been Cal or something in the green drink? What will Eddie believe now that someone else has died? Will the Meyerists claim it was suicide as they did with Alison’s husband? Will it raise his doubts? Will the Detective find out about her death? What did you think of “A Homecoming?”

The Path: The Rising Era of the Ladder

Cal ramped up for some big changes for recruiting new members to Meyerism, while Eddie attempted to withdraw his doubts and focus on his family on the Path this week. But what is the end game going to be for either man? That is the interesting question as we learn more about both of them.

While Sarah and Eddie attempted to repair the damage to their marriage through counseling. Eddie took “responsibility” for his affair but was firm that it wasn’t with Miranda Frank (Minka Kelly). Feeling like they weren’t making enough progress, Sarah wanted her husband to spend 14 days “in house” which basically looked like a dirty jail cell where you tell another member of the organization all of your secrets. Needless to say, Eddie wasn’t down with the idea, and when he appealed to Sarah that “people make mistakes” she angrily replied “I don’t!” I have to say, I’m a little bit impressed by scary the intensity Michelle Monaghan is pulling off in the role of Sarah. I can’t wait to see how her character will unravel over the coming episodes.

Meanwhile, the always up to something Cal practiced non-verbal communication techniques while listening to an instructional CD in his car. This lead me to believe he’s some sort of sociopath. He arrived at the home of John and Kerry Ridge. Kerry was a loyal believer while John didn’t want to be associated with the group calling it “cultish.” This displeased Cal but when they asked for his help with their drug addict son, he agreed.

Sarah and Eddie’s son Hawk (yes, apparently his name is Hawk – I couldn’t believe it either) continued to struggle in his regular high school this week. When classmate Ashley asked him to her house after school because she needed help, he wasn’t sure what to do. Conflicted, and a loyal Meyerist, he brought the question to his family. While Sarah and her friend Joy were adamant that Hawk should not go. Eddie argued that the whole purpose of Meyerism was to give help to people who asked for it, which I thought made sense. But from the tense glances between, Joy, Sarah and Hank (Sarah’s father) I’m guessing they didn’t agree. Eventually Hawk had dinner with Ashley’s family and was tempted into eating steak for which he felt immediately guilty (Meyerists are also vegetarians). Afterwards Ashley confessed her father died in a drunk driving accident and the bills were now piling up for her family. She reasoned that since Hawk’s group helped the Tornado victims, they could help her too. That night, Hawk’s world was further confused when he overheard his parents having sex (awkward enough on its own) and heard Sarah ask how Eddie could “do this with another woman.” Angry, Hawk threw up the steak, then gave his Dad the cold shoulder. The next morning at school he was confronted by Ashley’s unhappy boyfriend. The confrontation turned into a fight and Eddie was called to collect his son. Hawk confessed about the steak and alluded to what he’d overheard while Eddie began to realize the impact of his recent decisions.

Cal told Sarah about a local news station wanted to do a story on the Meyerists. Sarah was adamantly against it, as apparently Steven Meyer had imposed a media ban on their community. Cal claimed that Steven was coming around to changing things but Sarah remained firm. She’d want to hear it from Steven himself, which for obvious reasons, wasn’t going to happen. When Cal brought up the issue with Sarah again later in front of Hank, they basically accused her unhappy marriage for her refusal to go along with the interview.

Sarah was also busy helping Mary get started into the novice level of Meyerism, letting her know she’d need 500 hours of community service among other things before she was ready to take her vows. Cal took the’ novices’ to do outreach in the community. Mary and another newbie named Sean, engaged a woman sitting alone and gained her interest in their cause. Later that night, Mary found Cal and again offered him oral sex. This time after mild resistance, he gave in. Afterward he told Mary she should be with Sean, they would do great things for their community together. Does this mean Cal never wants to be with anyone? Is he holding out hope for Sarah? Can he ever truly love anyone?

Eddie met up with Alison again where he started to get cold feet about what they were doing. He said maybe it didn’t matter if Meyerism wasn’t real but Alison adamantly disagreed, the truth mattered. She told Eddie her husband tried to leave the community 6 months ago and they killed him. She scraped together enough money to drive to see her grandparents for the first time in 16 years (as we saw last week) but when she arrived some of the Meyerists were waiting for her. Alison had no home, no bank account, no money, fearing for her life. She begged Eddie to look up her husband’s name in the system and believe her. When Eddie looked for it later, it said her husband had committed suicide. Despite Alison’s pleas, wanting to restore his delicate family and faith balance, Eddie agreed to the 14 day in house counseling. Sarah and Hawk’s were relieved and supportive. I don’t know what kind of therapy that was, but it didn’t look like it was helping much to me.

Cal was interviewed for the local news cast to by a clearly skeptical television host. She referenced Meyerism as a cult, which Cal quickly corrected before explaining their simple vision: to be “everything God intended when he created us in his image by achieving personal and hopefully universal enlightenment.” This seemingly honest declaration was enough to convince the host, and from what Sarah said afterwards, many others to their cause. Sarah relented that Cal’s idea to do the show was right after all.

What makes this show so interesting is the faith that Cal is selling/promising is very seductive in this day and age. With everything going on in the world, an alternative, “better” life would seem appealing to people now more than ever. Mary and her situation with her father, Sean’s twin sister died in a school shooting, Kerry Ridge joined after her mother died. They’re all looking for a different way to understand and deal with their pain, but do they know what they’re really getting into? Or are they just finding something new to throw themselves into? How many people have the Meyerists hurt? Will Eddie continue to have doubts after his 14 days? What will Alison do next to survive? Will the police Detective with new found interest in the Meyerists start to uncover truth about them as well? What did you think of “The Era of the Ladder?”

The Path: Truth & Light, Motives & Deceit

Well, that episode of The Path left me with a lot to think about (and I’m not even talking about how Aaron Paul could possibly have an almost 16 year old son). We learned a lot about Meyerism in the series’ first episode “What the Fire Throws.” Here’s what we know so far:


You have to be 16 years old to take your ‘vows’

Meyerism was founded/created by Dr. Stephen Meyer aka Doc

Doc is currently (allegedly) in Peru transcribing the last 3 rungs of ‘the Ladder’

They have their logo on EVERYTHING. I mean, we’re even talking about soap here.

Meyerism has been around for a while, at least since Sarah and Cal (Hugh Dancy) were kids

Sarah (Michelle Monaghan) was born into it.


While we don’t know anything about her parents at this point, Sarah seemed to wield quite a bit of power within the community. She was able to find out who was on her husband Eddie’s (Aaron Paul) retreat and something tells me there’s more to her emphatic “I chose you” reaction to their fight than we (or he) knows.


Cal is a creepy third wheel in their relationship. I love Hugh Dancy, but he’s creepy as hell as Cal. I’d be willing to bet money there’s some sort of camera in that big eye on Sarah and Eddie’s bedroom wall and Cal can see them. I’m predicting it here and now! Cal was recently away visiting Dr. Meyer (apparently) but despite the distance clearly still pines for Sarah. Despite not being born into Meyerism, but coming to them as a child, Cal leads the community in Doc’s absence. Apparently once these last 3 rungs of the ladder are transcribed it will lead them all to ‘the Garden’ which seems to be some sort of Mecca.


But there’s obviously more to Cal than what he seems as indicated by his interaction with new recruit, Mary. Saved by the group from dire circumstances, Mary’s offered food, water, a shower and a place to stay but she seemed to be singularly fixated on Cal. Cal was tempted by Mary’s naked advances , but he resisted and learned that Mary’s been sold to her father’s friends since the age of 11. Later, when Cal was fired up after hearing Sarah’s suspicions that Eddie had ‘transgressed’ (cheated), Cal woke Mary. They went to the trailer where her father lived. Cal instructed him to get on his knees and beg for Mary’s forgiveness, but once Mary’s father spat in Cal’s face, Cal gave him a serious beat down while Mary looked on, smiling at her protector.


Back to Sarah’s suspicions: she thought Eddie was cheating on her. She heard him on the phone late one night, and the next night (after they fought) she followed him to a motel. I admit it looked bad. Also, Eddie’s going to need to get better at lying/covering his tracks if he’s going to avoid being found out. I’m pretty sure his wife would consider what he was actually doing worse than cheating: he was having doubts about his beliefs.


A few weeks earlier Eddie went on his ’6R retreat’ (I’m assuming the R stands for rungs on the Ladder). While tripping out on ‘medication’ Eddie had a vision of his deceased brother, who had hung himself years ago. This loss was a life changing one for Eddie who fled his old life and into a new one of Meyerism. Now, with Sarah and 2 children, he recruits new members as part of his job. But in his drug induced hallucination, his brother lead him into a room where he saw Dr. Stephen Meyer lying in a hospital bed with a giant snake on top of him. This implication of this is pretty clear. But keeping in mind, this was all hallucinated – so it’s likely a manifestation of Eddie’s deep rooted doubts about in Meyerism and his life as he knows it.


When he returned from the retreat, Eddie began to investigate his doubts. He found a website that claimed Meyerism wasn’t truth, he texted the number from a burner phone asking what the real truth was. Over the phone he asked for proof this person wasn’t scamming him. Whatever they said must have been convincing because Eddie admitted his doubts.


The next night when Sarah followed him (undetected) to the motel, Eddie met with Alison who we’d seen briefly before. Earlier in the episode, Alison sat outside the home of 2 elderly people (presumably her parents). As she worked up the nerve to approach them, she was intercepted by members of Meyerism who wanted to talk. While their tones were calm and non-threatening, their mere presence indicated otherwise. She fled without a word, which begs the question: how was Alison able to leave Myerism? What did she discover that dispelled her beliefs? Would Cal or the group itself let anyone leave?


What will Sarah do when she finds out her husband has doubts about? Sarah is a hardcore believer, having never known anything else. I doubt that’s something she could forgive. What action will Cal take against Eddie? Or in pursuit of Sarah? How will Mary react if/when she discovers Cal’s feelings for Sarah? How much money do they spend on swag, seriously? They even has a children’s book version of the Ladder! Is there any chance Cal is really leading them “towards the light?” What did you think of the first episode of “the Path”?