Weekend Movies: October’s a Comin’

Day of the Triffids – Part 1 Friday, Sept 26, 6pm ET (CC)
Day of the Triffids – Part 2 Friday, Sept 26, 8pm ET (CC)
Superman Returns Friday, Sept 26, 10pm, plus Saturday, Sept 27, 12:30pm ET
The Mechanic Saturday, Sept 27, 1:30am ET (CC)
Drag Me to Hell Saturday, Sept 27, 3:30am ET (CC)
Ogre Saturday, Sept 27, 10:30am ET (CC) (DV)
The Avengers Saturday, Sept 27, 4pm and 10pm, plus Sunday, Sept 28, 2pm ET
Seeds of DestructionSaturday, Sept 27, 8pm ET (CC)
Fantastic Four Sunday, Sept 28, 1am and 5pm ET (CC)
The Kingdom Sunday, Sept 28, 3am ET (CC)
The Edge of the Garden Sunday, Sept 28, 8pm ET (CC)

Day of the Triffids – Parts 1 & 2
The cast: Dougray Scott, Joely Richardson, Brian Cox
The Showcase synopsis: “With the world blinded and the Triffids set loose, it falls upon a scattered band of survivors to fight this carnivorous plant invasion.”

Here’s some perspective on how badass Triffids are. You know the Venus Flytrap plant? How it stealthily devours anything that gets within its greater mouth area? Well, the Venus Flytrap isn’t tough enough to be a foot soldier in the Triffid army. In fact, I doubt it would even be relegated to administrative duties. That’s right: by comparison, the Venus Flytrap is too wimpy to file documents and fetch coffee for its Triffid high commanders. You just take a moment to let that sink in.
1 -- Day of the Triffids
We’d really suggest not poking that.

Superman Returns
The cast: Brandon Routh, Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth
The Showcase synopsis: “After a long visit to the lost remains of the planet Krypton, the Man of Steel returns to Earth to become the people’s savior once again and reclaim the love of Lois Lane.”

I’m gonna say it: I liked Superman Returns better than Man of Steel. The casting is great, the storyline is pretty darn decent, and the special effects are top-notch. Brandon Routh is pretty much the physical embodiment of Christopher Reeve, which, as someone who grew up watching the original set of Superman films, ain’t a bad thing. So yeah: if anyone gives you a hard time about this movie, you send them to me, okay? I’ll take care of the situation. Of this, more I cannot say.
2 -- Superman Returns
“Superman! Something told me you’d return.”

The Mechanic
The cast: Jason Statham, Ben Foster, Tony Goldwyn
The Showcase synopsis: “An elite hitman teaches his trade to an apprentice who has a connection to one of his previous victims.”

Spoiler alert: despite the film’s title, Jason Statham spends very little time fixing cars. Unless by ‘fixing’ you mean ‘blowing up,’ in which case yeah, he ‘fixes’ a lot of cars.
3 -- The Mechanic
“That’ll be $475, please.”

The Avengers
The cast: Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo
The Showcase synopsis: “Earth’s mightiest heroes must come together and learn to fight as a team if they are to stop the mischievous Loki and his alien army from enslaving humanity.”

The Avengers: one of the biggest movies of all time, featuring cutting-edge special effects and an A-list cast of actors playing an A-list cast of superheroes. And oh yes, they love them some good ol’ fashioned avenging. Hoo boy, it’s like, “avenge avenge avenge, all the live-long day” with these guys. They do more avenging by 9am than most people do all day. Gotta admire that work ethic.
4 -- The Avengers
“Screw it, we’ll start walking without them.”

Seeds of Destruction
The cast: Adrian Pasdar, Stefanie von Pfetten, Jesse Moss
The Showcase synopsis: “When seeds from the Garden of Eden are spilled and intoxicated by our polluted environment, the plant that grows becomes a deadly mass of foliage.”

We know what you’re thinking: four hours of Day of the Triffids simply isn’t enough killer plant action for one weekend. And we couldn’t agree more, which is why we’ve jimmied Seeds of Destruction into the ol’ Showcase schedule. You are very welcome, flora lovers.
5 -- Seeds of Destruction
Above: destruction. The cause: seeds.

The Edge of the Garden
The cast: Rob Estes, Sarah Manninen, David Lewis
The Showcase synopsis: “After moving into an abandoned country house, newly single Brian Connor begins to communicate with a woman who died there 50 years earlier.”

Think of it as The Lake House, only there’s no magic mailbox and one of them is dead. Romantic!
6 -- The Edge of the Garden
Ghost sex: not as easy as it sounds.   

Weekend Movies: Welcome to Autumn

Riverworld Part 1 of 2 Friday, Sept 19, 6pm ET (CC)
Riverworld Part 2 of 2 Friday, Sept 19, 8pm ET (CC)
Underworld: AwakeningFriday, Sept 19, 10pm ET (CC)
John Carter Saturday, Sept 20, 12am and 4:30pm ET (CC)
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Saturday, Sept 20, 2:30am and 2:30pm ET
Space Twister Saturday, Sept 20, 10am ET (CC)
Ghost Rider Saturday, Sept 20, 12pm, plus Sunday, Sept 21, 3am ET (CC)
SupercolliderSaturday, Sept 20, 8pm ET (CC)
300 Saturday, Sept 20, 10pm, plus Sunday, Sept 21, 12:30am ET (CC)
Crimes of the MindSunday, Sept 21, 8pm ET (CC)

Riverworld Parts 1 & 2
The cast: Tahmoh Penikett, Mark Deklin, Peter Wingfield
The Showcase synopsis: “Welcome to Riverworld, a place of strange, watery beauty and the current abode of a fascinating cast of the recently (and not-so-recently) dead. It certainly isn’t heaven, but it just might be hell.”

The premise: every human who’s ever lived somehow gets reborn on a planet countless light years away. Is it heaven? Are they dead or alive? And where does that seemingly endless river lead? So many questions. But don’t worry, this ain’t Lost, so you’ll get your answers. (Just teasing, Lost, you know I love you.)
1 -- Riverworld
Behind them: not a smoke monster.

Underworld: Awakening
The cast: Kate Beckinsale, Michael Ealy, India Eisley
The Showcase synopsis: “When human forces discover the existence of the vampire and Lycan clans, a war to eradicate both species commences.”

Are you a fan of worlds but aren’t so partial to rivers? Well friend, I’ve got just the movie for you: Underworld: Awakening. Better still, it’s got a buttload of vampires, without all that brooding, sparkly Edward Cullen stuff. (No offense, Twilight. Actually, scratch that: some offense.)
2 -- Underworld
This woman is not a member of Team Edward.

John Carter
The cast: Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, buncha space gorillas
The Showcase synopsis: “John Carter is a war-weary, former military captain who’s inexplicably transported to Mars and reluctantly becomes embroiled in an epic conflict.”

Hey, it’s Canada’s own Taylor Kitsch fighting off a bunch of giant space gorillas. On Mars! I don’t know about you, but that’s exactly, 100% my kind of movie. To borrow a phrase from Jerry Maguire, “Giant space gorillas, you complete me.”
3 -- John Carter
A few rule changes and soccer could be this.

The cast: Jordan Andonov, Amy Bailey, Brendan Beiser
The Showcase synopsis: “When a test of a massive supercollider creates a temporal shift, a lone scientist must restore the natural order before our world tears itself apart.”

Let me drop a little wisdom on you: regular colliders are no big deal. Heck, I could build you one right now and the worst thing that would happen is you’d only nab second place at your high school science fair. Nope, it’s the supercolliders you have to worry about. Why? Because as the name implies, they’re bigger. More ‘super,’ if you well. Definitely don’t build one of these. Consider this fine flick a cautionary tale.
4 -- Supercollider
“Did I doooo thaaaaaat?” – Steve Urkel

The cast: Carlos Bernard, Crystal Allen, Cindy Busby
The Showcase synopsis: “King Leonidas and a force of 300 men fight the Persians at Thermopylae in 480 B.C.”

As fantastic as this film is, let’s be honest here: it’s about the abs. There are six-packs aplenty in 300, and they pretty much steal the show, whether you’re male or female, gay or straight. When folks die in this movie (and hoo boy, a lot of them do), your first reaction will be, “Nooooo! What a waste of perfectly good abs!” This will also be your second and third reaction.
5 -- 300
Above: ab on ab action.

Crimes of the Mind
The cast: Christina Cox, Paula Trickey, Tina Ivlev
The Showcase synopsis: “A woman spends five years trying to get her brainwashed daughter back from a cult.”

The moral of this film: if you’re going to send your impressionable young daughter to a cult, make sure it’s one with a reasonable visitation policy. Don’t become a statistic like this lady.
6 -- Crimes of the Mind
“As far as cults go, you guys are kinda jerks.”  

Defiance Recap: 213 ‘I Almost Prayed’

Watch the episode online here. Below, some highlights from the episode. [WARNING: SPOILERS, SPOILERS EVERYWHERE!]
Defiance S02E13-pic2
Votan terraforming, stage one: take the urban out of urban jungle

“Do you know how many people I’ve killed?” “Do you know how many people you can still save?” That statement from Irisa, and the response from her father-by-adoption Nolan, perfectly encapsulates the finale of Defiance S02. Episode 13, “Almost Prayed” (titled after the song by The Weather Prophets) sees all of the major characters take steps to save their community, city, indeed their entire world; it’s a great title, because this is an episode about action to effect change, versus praying for help from a higher power. And of course, there is a power at work: the ship Kaziri’s Arkbrain, which has taken over Irisa in order to execute a long-dormant software program that will terraform the planet. Some characters make small sacrifices in this episode, some of them risk their very lives, but everyone focusses on the future. Hard not to, of course, with the aforementioned community/city/world crumbling before their eyes in the wake of the Votan “rapture.”

Defiance S02E13-pic3
Pilar and Stahma: the art of the matriarch

Easily the most selfish of these sacrifices involves the Tarr and McCawley families, the former reunited after a season of inter-family warring, the latter reunited (albeit with Rafe behind bars) after years of separation now that matriarch Pilar has returned to rule the roost. Alak and Christie, children of both families, married and expecting a child, agree to go to a commune with Pilar in order to spare their child the disdain of everyday world, which frowns on non-human/human mixed races. It’s difficult for everyone involved to let the couple leave, but the big picture involves the long-term welfare of their respective lineages. It’s impressive seeing the depth of love in the characters of the usually cruel Castithans, Stahma and Data. With the ultimate revelation this episode that Pilar’s commune does not exist and that she has kidnapped Alak and Christie on behalf of a yet-to-be-revealed agency, it will surely be impressive watching the Tarrs bring down their wrath next season.

Defiance S02E13-pic4
Doc Yewll: hands up, with a hands-on solution for the Irisa problem

There’s a little bit of good in everyone (well, except Pilar) in this episode. Doc Yewll returns from exile with a solution guaranteed to solve the Irisa crisis and restore the planet; granted, that solution involves killing Irisa, but… As the relationship between Amanda and Niles continues to flourish, they make the difficult decision to assist Doc Yewll. In death, Tommy’s character is manipulated by the Votan program in order to trick Irisa into fulfilling its goals, but Tommy’s moral fibre is so strong that Irisa refuses to believe the false face being presented to him. Berlin, down but not out, celebrates Tommy’s life (albeit in a bar) and makes sure that none of their compadres forgets him.

Defiance S02E13-pic5 Irisa: juggling for the jugular

And then there’s Nolan… Arrested by Pottinger over the legitimate concern that he will interfere with the plot to assassinate Irisa, he does what Nolan does best: refuse to take “no” for an answer. In the name of pure love, driven by the conviction that Irisa is a good person deep down inside, he escapes custody, prevents Doc Yewll and Amanda from killing his daughter, takes Irisa inside the Kiziri and manages to stop the terraformer. Too late? The ship crumbles around them and there is no time to escape. The final shot sees the two of them not so much trapped as they are wrapped in one of the ship’s hundreds of cocoons. They look peaceful, arguably happy. Do they know that they are alive? Are they alive? What are the cocoons? We’ll have to wait for S03 to know for sure. With the way Defiance spins its stories, you can bet that the answer will be worth the wait.

Defiance S02E13-pic6
Nolan and Irisa: cocooned, not killed — though their final fate remains to be seen.

See you next season on the Defiance blog!!

Weekend Movies: Disaster, Action, and Mr. Ron Burgundy

Eve of Destruction Part 1 of 2 Friday, Sept 12, 6pm ET (CC)
Eve of Destruction Part 2 of 2 Friday, Sept 12, 8pm ET (CC)
Rambo Friday, Sept 12, 10pm ET (CC)
Total Recall Saturday, Sept 13, 12am, 2:30pm, and 10pm ET (CC)
28 Weeks Later Saturday, Sept 13, 2:30am ET (CC)
Premium Rush Saturday, Sept 13, 12:30pm and 5pm ET (CC)
Ghost Storm Saturday, Sept 13, 8pm ET (CC)
Anchorman Sunday, Sept 14, 2:30am and 3pm ET (CC)
Blades of Glory Sunday, Sept 14, 5pm ET (CC)
Kiss at Pine Lake Sunday, Sept 14, 8pm ET (CC)

Eve of Destruction (Pts. 1 & 2)
The cast: Steven Weber, Christina Cox, Treat Williams
The Showcase synopsis: “When two scientists attempt to discover unlimited energy, their experiment is hijacked and sabotaged by eco-terrorists. The result is a dark energy black hole that could destroy the planet.”

Don’t worry: I double-checked, and this gripping two-part miniseries isn’t about a woman named Eve who goes around destroying things. We can all agree that would be profoundly annoying. (I hate puns in movie titles.)
1 -- Eve of Destruction
“Why is the destruction happening now? It’s only the EVE!”

The cast: Sylvester Stallone, Julie Benz
The Showcase synopsis: “When aid workers are captured by the Burmese army, John Rambo decides to venture alone into the war zone to rescue them.”

What I love about John Rambo is that every movie involves some person needing to convince him to get off his duff and go kill massive amounts of dudes. And each time, he’s all like, “Naw, I don’t kill massive amounts of dudes anymore, I just meditate on mountaintop and whatever.” But eventually he’s all like, “Well, okay, I guess I can kill massive amounts of dudes just one more time.” And then he goes and kills massive amounts of dudes. It’s kind of poetic, really.
2 -- Rambo
“Tell me again why I should arrow your face? I’m not feeling it.”

Total Recall
The Cast: Colin Farrell, Bokeem Woodbine, Bryan Cranston
The Showcase synopsis: “A factory worker begins to suspect he’s a spy after visiting Rekall,   a company that provides its clients with implanted fake memories of a life they would like to have led.”

True story: I saw the first Total Recall in theatres at age 18, and I thought it was a jumbled mess. When a friend asked my opinion, I quipped, “I’m looking forward to Hollywood producing a remake based on the script’s second draft.” Zing! Then 22 years passed and Hollywood did exactly that. This version is much, much better. Thanks, Hollywood!
3 -- Total Recall
Above: Colin needs some motivation to finish his P90X regime. 

Premium Rush
The cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Shannon, Dania Ramirez
The Showcase synopsis: “A Manhattan bike messenger picks up an envelope that attracts the interest of a dirty cop, who pursues him throughout the city.”

Did you see the 2013 racing movie Rush, directed by Ron Howard and starring Thor? This is a premium version of that.
4 -- Premium Rush
Bike couriers: when your package absolutely, positively has to be splattered by a bus.

Ghost Storm
The cast: Carlos Bernard, Crystal Allen, Cindy Busby
The Showcase synopsis: “An action packed chase led by Hal and Ashley to save the people on this small island from a strange electrical storm which is led by angry souls from a mass suicide looking for revenge.”

Although I attach a ‘Showcase synopsis’ to each of these entries, I typically don’t write them. I’ll tweak ‘em on occasion (sometimes heavily), but they typically originate from IMDB or the like. Today, I feel like leaving the one-line synopsis for Ghost Storm intact, ‘cause it’s written in such an enjoyably awful way. Let’s start with, “An action packed chase led by Hal and Ashley.” Sure, it’s in the passive voice, and there should be a hyphen between ‘action’ and ‘packed,’ but mostly it’s just a dumb-sounding collection of dumb words. Who the hell are Hal and Ashley? Things only get worse from here. H & A hope to save people on “this small island” (which one?) from a storm “which is led by angry souls from a mass suicide looking for revenge.” Looking for revenge from whom? Themselves? So many questions. I can’t wait to watch this movie.
5 -- Ghost Storm
Above: probably Hal and Ashley or whatever.

The cast: Will Ferrell, Christina Applegate, Steve Carell
The Showcase synopsis: “Ron Burgundy is San Diego’s top rated newsman in the male-dominated broadcasting of the 70′s, but that’s all about to change when an ambitious woman is hired as a new anchor.”

So much funny packed into one movie. Are you sure you can handle it? You can back out if you want – we won’t judge you. (We will totally judge you.)
6 -- Anchorman
Four-part harmony.  

Defiance Recap: 212 ‘All Things Must Pass’

Watch the full episode HERE.

Defiance S02E12-pic2

Pilar and Rafe: reunited but separated


More macabre menace in the title of the latest (and second-last) episode of Defiance S02: “All Things Must Pass,” after the George Harrison song, is full of implicit threat. The 12 main characters caught up in what amounts to three major plot threads are all faced to deal with passing in various ways, none of it pleasant. Perhaps the most innocuous of the lot is the reunion of Rafe, imprisoned, with his ex-wife, Pilar, in a very emotional through-the-prison-walls conversation (particularly superb acting from Graham Greene, here). Reconciliation does seem to be a possibility for this couple, but let’s not forget that we have yet to learn why exactly Pilar has returned to the town of Defiance. When Rafe asks her is she is “still sick” and says that he knows people who can help her, and she declines… Well, I’m going to infer that she has come home in time to die; just, not this episode. Then again, knowing Defiance, Pilar could be another militant-with-agenda character. Surely, we’ll get to the bottom of this in the finale.

Defiance S02E12-pic3

Stahma and Datak: unbelievably, this is not a Castithan body ritual


For a nasty reconciliation story of a different colour (pallor?), look no further than Stahma and Datak, kidnapped by Niles Potting as a “gift” (my term) for his crush, Amanda. Yes, Niles has discovered that the Tarrs killed and buried Amanda’s sister, and he puts a gun in his maybe-girlfriend’s hands then walks her up to the bound prisoners. In a riveting will she/won’t she sequence, with superb dialogue among all three players, Amanda barely manages to restrain herself. Having escaped third-party judgement alive, Stahma and Datak renew their commitment to one another and, classic Castithan, go out and kill all of the members of Datak’s posse whom Stahma originally convinced to betray him. The only thing better than Stahma as a crimelord? Stahma and Datak.

Defiance S02E12-pic4

Nolan and Tommy: “You brought the instructions but forgot the tent?”


Of course, the real plotline that has all Defiance fans on the edge of their seats is the “Irisa got duped into destroying the world” thread, which in this episode advances to a literally earth-shaking degree. First, alas, the death of Tommy, despite Nolan’s valiant effort to rescue him. My money had been on Tommy surviving, but as the “marry me” flashbacks prove, he never would have been able to get through to Irisa even if she was still herself. As the Votan terraformers are sent to raze the earth’s cities in a spectacular closing sequence, it looks like only one person can stop Irisa: the disgraced, exiled Doc Yewll, who has to say a truly final farewell to her dead lover in order to become something she has never been before: a hero.

 Defiance S02E12-pic5

Votan terraformers: the reversal of the concept of building from the ground up 


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Weekend Movies: The Post-Labour Day Indiana Jones-athon

Ring of Fire (Pt. 1 of 2) Friday, Sept 5, 6pm ET (CC)
Ring of Fire (Pt. 2 of 2) Friday, Sept 5, 8pm ET (CC)
Project XFriday, Sept 5, 10pm, plus Saturday, Sept 6, 12am ET (CC)
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Saturday, Sept 6, 2am and 2pm
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark Sat. Sept 6, 11:30am & 4:30pm, Sun. Sept 7, 12:30am ET (CC)
Alien Agent (MOW) Saturday, Sept 6, 8pm ET (CC)
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Saturday, Sept 6, 10pm, plus Sunday, Sept 7, 4:30pm ET (CC)
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Sunday, Sept 7, 2pm ET (CC)

Ring of Fire (Pts. 1 & 2)
The cast: Michael Vartan, Terry O’Quinn, Ian Tracey
The Showcase synopsis: “When an oil rig causes a volcanic eruption in a small town, it’s just the first in a trigger effect – called the Ring of Fire – that stretches across the globe. If these cataclysmic series of eruptions cannot be stopped, Earth will be swallowed whole.”

A volcano totally blew its top in Iceland the other day. Kinda crappy for local residents, but from an aesthetic perspective you have to admit it was hella cool. The smoke, the bubbling orange goo – all that biz. Fortunately for those who’ve missed it, we’ve got four hours’ worth of Ring of Fire. Prepare to get your fix, lava nerds!
1 -- Ring of Fire
“Do these giant head make me look thinner?” says the middle guy.

Project X
The cast: Thomas Mann, Oliver Cooper, Jonathan Daniel Brown
The Showcase synopsis: “Three high school seniors throw a birthday party to make a name for themselves. As the night progresses, things spiral out of control as word of the party spreads.”

There are two Project X movies. One’s from the 1980s and stars Matthew Broderick, Helen Hunt, and a buncha monkeys. The other’s more recent and involves an out-of-control high school party. My question is, why not merge the two films together? I mean, come on: what raging kegger couldn’t benefit from a couple of A-list movie actors and some kooky simians? Let’s do this!
2 -- Project X
It’s not a party until this guy does this particular thing he’s doing.  

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
The Cast: Harrison Ford, Karen Allen Paul Freeman
The Showcase synopsis: “Archaeologist and adventurer Indiana Jones is hired by the US government to find the Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis.”

The original Indy movie, and some say the best. You loved it as a kid, and you still love it now. Plus, check this out: between 1980 and 1983, Harrison Ford starred in three of the most beloved action and sci-fi films of all time: Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Empire Strikes Back, and Blade Runner. That’s crazy, right? Damn, Harry, whoever your agent was back then, ya may want to re-hire ‘em.
3 -- Raiders of the Lost Ark
Indy tries his luck on ‘Celebrity Idol Swap.’  

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
The cast: Harrison Ford, Kate Capshaw
The Showcase synopsis: “After arriving in India, Indiana Jones is asked by a desperate village to find a mystical stone. He agrees, and stumbles upon a secret cult plotting a terrible plan in the catacombs of an ancient palace.”

On a trip to Thailand in 1993, I visited a bunch of temples. Most of them were beautifully ornate, with golden arches (not the McDonalds kind) and 80-ft reclining Buddhas (not the smiling chubby kind). As stunning as these temples were, I couldn’t help but wish there was a touch more doom involved. You know, just to put a little stank on things. Missed opportunity, if you ask me.
4 -- Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
“Witchdoctor says I need more iron.”

 Alien Agent
The cast: Mark Dacascos, Amelia Cooke, Emma Lahana
The Showcase synopsis: “A lawman from another galaxy must stop an invading force from building a gateway to planet Earth.”

As far as aliens go, I’m an Alf kinda guy. He’s a furry, adorable wisenheimer who know a thing or two about partying down. That said, the Alien Agent dude is no slouch either. He’s not exactly one for cracking wise 24/7, but he more than makes up for it by attempting to save planet Earth from being devastated six ways to Saturday. Thanks, man!
5 -- Alien Agent
Like Alf, he also eats cats.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
The cast: Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Shia Labeouf
The Showcase synopsis: “Famed archaeologist/adventurer Indiana Jones is called back into action when he becomes entangled in a Soviet plot to uncover the secret behind mysterious artifacts known as the Crystal Skulls.”

Yeah, people tend to rip on this movie as being the weakest in the Indiana Jones canon. But hey, given the original script was titled Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Gayle, things could have been a lot worse.
6 -- Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
“Prepare to die, Dr. Jones.” 

Defiance Recap: 211 ‘Doll Parts’

If you’ve not yet watched the episode, you can do so here. Below, some highlights from the episode. [WARNING: SPOILERS, SPOILERS EVERYWHERE!]Defiance S02E11-pic2Caption: Treasure Doll: She really fell for Alak…

Talk about a literal episode title for the latest chapter of Defiance S02: “Doll Parts,”named after the song by Courtney Love and Hole, can be directly interpreted as “DJ Treasure Doll leaves.” Well, wow, what an exit. We knew something was going to come to a head after Stahma Tarr got wind of DJ TD’s interference with Alak and Christie’s already-troubled marriage, but no one could predict how the vengeance would be exacted. In the opening minutes, an off-camera guest at the Defiance “Raider radio” station murders DJ TD by throwing her out a window at the top of the Gateway Arch. With Irisa missing, Nolan is short of law enforcement support and reluctantly agrees to (temporarily) appoint Amanda as a deputy. She immediately starts to scrutinize the obvious suspects, whom all share the surname Tarr. No one is surprised that Datak, Stahma and Alak all deny murdering the woman, though the Tarrs all shock each other in their denials, because each of thinks one of the others did it. Alak briefly ends up jailed, but it’s his Castithan-wannabe wife Christie who proves to be the killer — known only within the family by episode’s end. It looks like she’ll get away with this murder, and give Stahma a real run for her money if she keeps playing hardball on this level.
Defiance S02E11-pic3
Alak and Stahma: Tarrs behind bars (though, surprisingly, neither is guilty)

While Amanda deals with the DJ TD homicide, Nolan heads for the outskirts of town to track down Irisa and the stolen terrasphere. He’s quickly caught by Tommy and, in a sequence that surely surprised every viewer, manages to un-save him, leading to the expulsion from Tommy’s body of the snake-like “living” wire cluster that Nolan explains is artificial intelligence technology. His theory: An old ship, probably Irathient, is buried beneath Defiance, a casualty of the Arkfall during the Pale Wars. It’s a computer program designed to terraform, but it also pretends to be a God. This explains why Irisa is convinced that she is “saving” the victims she attacks in the name of (according to Nolan: fake) Irzu. If Nolan’s right, then paradise isn’t coming to Defiance; rather, an apocalypse.
Defiance S02E11-pic4
Sukar and Nolan: Not the lawkeeper’s idea of getting armed

In probably the saddest sequence in this episode, Nolan and Irisa wound each other with targeted, angry words. She claims “you killed my parents and I loved you for it”; he responds by stating she’s the reason he can’t have a stable life, “I went on the run for you.” Their disagreement ends on bad terms. Nolan manages to set off a stun bomb and render most of Irisa’s camp unconscious. Alas, trying to escape in order to mobilize proper law enforcement, he is recaptured, this time by Irisa herself. Irzu orders Irisa to kill him and she once again manages to defy her. Still, it’s obvious that Irisa is struggling and likely won’t be able to fight much longer…
Defiance S02E11-pic5
Irisa: Don’t look back in anger…

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