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Here’s a look at what’s coming up in January:
12 Monkeys – Fridays at 10e/p Premiering January 16th.
Helix Season 2 - Mondays at 10e/p Premiering January 19th
Broadchurch Season 2 - Sundays at 10e/p Premiering on January 11th
Lost Girl Season 5 – Sundays at 9e/p
Rizzoli & Isles Season 4 - Wednesdays at 10e/7p Premiering January 7th
Royal Pains Season 6 - January 6 at 10pm 10e/7p

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Watch Lost Girl Season 5 with Enhanced Video

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The Showcase Winter 2015 Lineup

This January we’ve got a packed schedule with new series, new seasons and new episodes of the season’s hottest dramas.

Showcase travels through time and confronts the ultimate battle for human salvation in the new sci-fi drama 12 Monkeys. Season two of the hit series Helix explores a terrifying life or death struggle with a deadly new virus, and the critically acclaimed series Broadchurch returns to the schedule with a highly-guarded plot that fans will be speculating about. Also featuring new seasons of Royal Pains and Rizzoli & Isles, the shocking mid-season finale of Lost Girl, and cable premieres of Hollywood’s hottest hits, the winter schedule launches January 5, 2015.

12 Monkeys - Friday, January 16 at 10pm ET/PT.
Inspired by the classic blockbuster film, 12 Monkeys explores the provocative story of a time traveler from a decimated future. Using a dangerous and untested method of time travel, he journeys from 2043 to the present day on a mission to locate and eradicate the source of a deadly plague that will annihilate the human race. Starring Aaron Stanford (Nikita, X-Men: The Last Stand), Amanda Schull (Suits, Pretty Little Liars), Kirk Acevedo (Dawn of Planet of the Apes, The Black Donnellys), Noah Bean (Nikita, Damages) and Canadian Emily Hampshire (Rookie Blue, Cosmopolis).

Helix – Monday, January 19 at 10pm ET/PT.
In the aftermath of the explosion that destroyed the Arctic Bio Systems base, season two of Helix follows the CDC team as they look into a deadly outbreak of a new disease on a Windjammer cruise ship. The investigation leads them to an island inhabited by a cult who hopes to create a utopian society. Steven Weber (Wings, Murder in the First, Dallas) joins the Helix cast as Brother Michael, the charismatic leader of the cult and a first class geneticist. Also new to the cast is Matt Long (Mad Men, Jack and Bobby) who appears as Dr. Kyle Sommer, the newest member of the CDC team.

Starring David Tennant (Doctor Who, Gracepoint) as Detective Inspector Alec Hardy and Detective Sergeant Olivia Coleman (Hot Fuzz, The Iron Lady) as Detective Ellie Miller.

Additional highlights:

  • Royal Pains – Tuesday, January 6 at 10pm ET/7pm PT. when Dr. Hank Lawson embarks on a fresh start with his medical practice and separates from his brother, Evan, who also starts his own venture.
  • The explosive fourth season of Rizzoli & Isles premieres Wednesday, January 7 at 10pm ET/PT, with Jane and Maura investigating a number of complex and troublesome cases, including a deadly shooting at a community parade, the brutal killing of an overzealous journalism student and the pending trial of Maura’s biological father, Paddy Doyle.
  • In addition to new series and new seasons, the first half of Lost Girl’s epic final season continues in January with new episodes, including the mid-season finale on Sunday, January 25, at 9pm ET/PT. Sexy succubus Bo’s story will wrap up later in 2015 when the second half of Lost Girl season five returns.

New faces to join the Fae-mily for Lost Girl’s Final Season

Some fresh faces will be joining the Fae family and raising the stakes for the series’ dramatic final season. The previously unannounced guest stars joining the cast for a fond and ferocious #Faewell include Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, The Expendables), Luke Bilyk (My Babysitter’s a Vampire, Degrassi: The Next Generation), Noam Jenkins (Covert Affairs, Rookie Blue, Longmire), Amanda Walsh (Two and a Half Men, NCIS, Grimm) and Shanice Banton (Degrassi: The Next Generation, A Day Late and a Dollar Short).

In season five, Bo’s determination to do the impossible for the people she loves triggers an explosive chain of events that will play out over the final episodes. Bo discovers that love is not always enough to keep a family together as she and her friends face an enemy unlike any they’ve faced before. In the season premiere “Like Hell Part 1,” Bo goes to hell and back to rescue a friend while Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) faces a foe from her past.

Kris Holden-Ried (The Tudors, Underworld: Awakening) returns as Light Fae shape-shifter Dyson; 2014 CSA Fan Choice Award for Favourite Canadian Screen Star winner Zoie Palmer (The Guard, Instant Star) as human doctor Lauren; Skarsten (The Vow, Flashpoint) as Tamsin, the reborn Valkyrie warrior; Rick Howland (Billable Hours, Murdoch Mysteries) as Bo’s ancient and secretive grandfather Trick; Paul Amos (Bastards, Captain Canuck) as the devious Dark Fae Mesmer Vex; and Emmanuelle Vaugier (Two and a Half Men, Smallville) as the Morrigan, the sultry leader of the Dark Fae.

The first eight episodes of Lost Girl’s fifth and final season begin Sunday, December 7 at 9pm ET/PT.

For full show information visit

Showcase 2014 Fan Expo Schedule

Showcase Brand Panel (Helix, Lost Girl, Defiance and Haven)
When: Saturday August 30, 12pm – 1pm
Location: John Bassett Theatre, Location #102, North Building
Kyra Zagorsky (Dr. Julia Walker, Helix)
Lucas Bryant (Nathan Wuornos, Haven
Trenna Keating (Doc Yewll, Defiance)
Anna Silk (Bo, Lost Girl)

Showcase Brand Panel | Autograph Signing
When: Saturday August 30, 2-3pm
Location: Showcase Booth 1802

Lost Girl Panel
When: Saturday August 30, 4:30pm to 5:30pm

Location: John Bassett Theatre, Location #102, North Building
Kris Holden-Ried (Dyson, Lost Girl)
Rachel Skarsten (Tamsin, Lost Girl)
Paul Amos (Vex, Lost Girl)
Anna Silk (Bo, Lost Girl)

Lost Girl Panel | Autograph Signing
When: Saturday August 30, 5:45pm – 6:45pm
Location: Showcase Booth 1802

How Signing Works:
Autograph signing session will be decided by lottery. Those wishing to take part must attend the panel to draw a ticket for the chance to participate.

Lost Girl Makeup Demonstration
Head makeup artist Lynda McCormack to provide fans with a behind-the-scenes preview of how the makeup is made. Fans in attendance will have a chance to win a Lost Girl makeover
When: Sunday August 31, 11-1
Location: Showcase Booth 1802

Exclusive Premiere Screenings:
Dominion – Episode 1
When: Saturday August 30, 3pm – 4pm
Location: John Bassett Theatre, Location #102, North Building

Outlander – Episode 1
When: Sunday August 31, 2:30pm – 3:30pm
Location: John Bassett Theatre, Location #102, North Building

Outlander – Episode 2
 Sunday August 31, 3:30pm – 4:30pm
Location: John Bassett Theatre, Location #102, North Building

Showcase Fan Expo Booth

Show Artifacts & Photo Ops:
Costumes, props and artifacts from Showcase’s hit series’ Outlander, Beauty & The Beast, Haven, & Lost Girl will be on display all weekend long – we encourage you to take photos and peruse

Interactive Video Booth:
Escape into the world of Showcase by putting yourself into our promos for Outlander & Dominion. Share with friends instantly across any social platform.

Lost Girl Makeup Demonstration:
Head makeup artist Lynda McCormack to provide fans with a behind-the-scenes preview of how the makeup is made. Those in attendance will have a chance to win a Lost Girl makeover
When: Sunday August 31, 11-1
Location: Booth 1802


Fifth Season of Lost Girl to be its last

Today, it was announced that the previously announced fifth season of Lost Girl will wrap up the fan-favourite series. In a message to the show’s loyal “Fae”-natics, Lost Girl star Anna Silk revealed that the original 13-episode order has been supersized to 16 final episodes bringing the series to a thrilling conclusion. The season is split into two heart-stopping parts, with the first eight episodes airing Sundays at 9pm ET/PT on Showcase, beginning December 7.

Production Begins on Lost Girl Season 5

Production has begun for season five of Lost Girl, which will be shot in and around Toronto and will premiere on Showcase this fall.

This season, Bo will go to hell and back to try and save the people she loves – her family. But she will discover that love is not always enough to keep her family together. When you go to hell, you’re bound to drag something evil back with you…

Anna Silk returns as the Succubus heroine Bo; Kris Holden-Ried (The Tudors, Underworld 4) as Dyson, the shape-shifting homicide detective and noble warrior of the Light Fae; 2014 CSA Fan Choice Award for Favourite Canadian Screen Star winner Zoie Palmer (Sex After Kids, The Guard) as Lauren, the brilliant human doctor who’s enmeshed in the world of the Fae; Rachel Skarsten (Birds of Prey, The Vow) as Tamsin, the reborn Valkyrie trying to pay back her debts; Rick Howland (Billable Hours, Murdoch Mysteries) as Trick, Bo’s grandfather and the ancient Blood King; Paul Amos (Bastards, Captain Canuck) as the ever devious Dark Fae Mesmer, Vex; and Emmanuelle Vaugier (Two and a Half Men, Smallville) as the Morrigan, the sultry leader of the Dark Fae.

Visit for full episodes, photos, behind the scenes and more.

Lost Girl Recap: E13, ‘Dark Horse’

This week on Lost Girl Season 4: The season #Faenale, as Bo and the gang battle her father’s revenant army at the spiritual centre for crazy pony ladies. Speaking of that location: It’s true that here at the LG blog, we like to horse around — but aside from dialogue quips like “Daddy Darko,” “Go big or Go Hel” and “Bo’bqued” (and, well, 3x the normal amount of innuendo), the final installment of the season was a heavy, serious affair that, correct me if I’m wrong — I’m not wrong — saw more emotional upheaval per major character than any other episode, ever. So, we’re going to go out with a salute and a hanky by not only (mostly) speaking frankly but also letting some of the show’s cast, crew and legion of dedicated fans share their tears of sadness and joy. If you have not yet seen “Dark Horse,” watch it here. Below, some highlights from the episode. [WARNING: SPOILERS, SPOILERS EVERYWHERE!]

Kenzi…all-but steals the show; makes sense, because she’s the shadow thief. She returns to Bo’s side because she realizes she simply cannot leave, no matter how much she wants to. After an awkward reunion and equally awkward parting, she and Tamsin uncover an ancient script that offers a means of blocking the gate to Norse-legend Hel: by sacrificing Bo’s heart. Kenz realizes that she is Bo’s heart — “It is never that simple with you Fae, it is always a metaphor, a symbol,” she tells Dyson. In a moving everyone-else-screaming-no sequence, the shadow thief falls.
Lost Girl S04E13 pic2
One face launched a thousand ships; this face broke a thousand hearts.

Dyson…you dawg! I mean: really. Reader, whether or not you’re on Team DyBo, you can’t deny that this episode saw Dyson find a lateral way to channel his love without sacrificing it (or giving up on it): by swearing fealty. Wolfie gets numerous strong moments this episode, including saving Bo from poisoned revenant chi — with, surprise surprise, a kiss — and making good on his very first direct order under Bo’s official command: “Hold back the armies of Hel? Thought you’d never ask, my Queen!”
Lost Girl S04E13 pic3
Looks like a wolfman’s most threatening growl, is really a lachyrmose lycanthrope howl.

Tamsin…earns her wings. The death of Rainer at Massimo’s hands (followed by death of Massimo’s, at Bo’s) sees Tamsin’s mission restored. She can now return to Valhalla with the soul she was blood-bound to deliver. She can also bring along those newly fallen who have earned it, and the sequence where she is just about to take Kenzi away is possibly the most operatic moment ever recorded in this series (and let’s not forget, there was an episode about opera this season!). Bit of a mind-mess of an ending, though: Tamsin in a confused state at the Norse gate, babbling about Kenzi being “gone” (my guess: NOT in Valhalla) and insisting that Bo not be allowed to find the second hellshoe. So, a finale but not a full resolution.
Lost Girl S04E13 pic4
I will never reveal the truth about Bo and her dad.

Lauren…the doctor is out — but she goes out in style. Sure, Lauren doesn’t make it to the final battlefield, but there was only room for one human in that arena, and it was Kenzi. Still, short-lived as it may have been, Lauren’s last moment with Bo — mid-episode! — is easily the most moving moment that doesn’t involve tragedy. (No, I am not espousing Doccubus, or any team — I’m just sayin’.)
Lost Girl S04E13 pic5
Every non-Team Doccubus member: “Dear god, what is happening?!?!?”

What are your thoughts on the Lost Girl Season 4 finale? Thanks for Faellowing this season’s blog!

Lost Girl Recap: 412 ‘Origin’

This week on Lost Girl Season 4: IT BEGINS! But what is it? The beginning of the end of this season? The beginning of the ultimate “Who is Bo, really?” storyline? The beginning of an explanation for that time earlier in the season when Lauren, alone, mysteriously uttered those very words? The answer is all of the above, along with bonus revelations and plot twists a-plenty. One episode to go after this one, which ends with all Hel breaking loose right before Bo’s eyes… If you have not yet seen “Origin” watch it here. Below, some highlights from the episode. [WARNING: SPOILERS, SPOILERS EVERYWHERE!]

Shortly after Hale’s admittedly moving funeral — who knew Dyson was a public speaker? — a knight appears pledging fealty to her queen. (That queen is Bo, which surprises everyone, including Bo.) Rosette works for Rainer but has arrived to protect Bo, because prophecy decrees that with the death of the Una Mens, the evil and imprisoned Per Apice (dragon; trans: The Apex) will rise. Various clues lead the trio to a spiritual centre for women and horses (don’t ask) where Rosette betrays Rainer for her true master, who kills her by way of thanks. #toughaudience. Episode’s end sees eruptions of fire and smoke proclaiming what appears to be the return to the mortal world of Bo’s father — yep, the Per Apice. Worse, Bo is married.
Lost Girl S04E12 pic2
“SIr, there’s an unruly mob to see you.” “Do they have an appointment?”

Massimo continues to prove to be not just wiley but also incredibly hard to kill. Kenzi demands that pretty much everyone help her execute her fiancé’s murderer, even resorting to Vex. Big mistake, because it turns out that Massimo has a personal history with not just Vex but also Evony, who is…his mother. Kenzi, confused and beyond hurt, demands that Bo unclaim her and then leaves, forever. #nooooo!!! Lauren confronts Massimo and cannot prevent him eating Trick’s missing Origin Seed.
Lost Girl S04E12 pic3
Click here to mash up Keith Richards and Two-Face. Sorry, I mean, Mick Jagger.

Sneaking about in the Dark Archives, Lauren finds proof of Rainer’s duplicity (remember, though: we still don’t know that Rainer is Rainer) and brings the information to Bo. Her discoveries include a warning that “between the warrior and the queen, one of the two shall die.” If Bo is the queen, the who is the warrior? And was Hale’s death in fact not the one that the Leviathan predicted? In a turn of events sure to shake the succuverse worse than the marriage to Rainer, Bo tells Lauren, “I chose you but you broke my heart.” Hurt or just cunning (probably a bit of both), Lauren makes Evony feel like only a human can feel, no beer or pizza required.
Lost Girl S04E12 pic4
The doctor is in. Insidious, more like.

Trick remains on the outskirts this episode, though he does show up long enough to refuse Evony’s request for permission to kill Bo. While the Blood King’s away from The Dal, Tamsin starts free-pouring drinks and tells Bo that everyone’s favourite succubus is not, in fact, the queen — she is The Queen.
Lost Girl S04E12 pic5
“I saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic’s. His hair was perfect.”

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode? Watch new episodes of Lost Girl Season 4, Sundays at 10PM ET/PT.