Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 106: Thanksgiving Fam Jams

This week, Rebecca wrangles an invite to Josh’s Thanksgiving fam jam to see if she can win over his family and drive a fatal wedge between Josh and Valencia. If you’ve not yet watched the episode, you can do so here. Otherwise read on for the most cringe-worthy Thanksgiving moments of the episode.

Rebecca is still thrilled after last week, when Josh announced that he is VERY attracted to her.

And while Josh may like her, Valencia definitely still does not.
Hey Valencia

Paula is determined to win Josh for Rebecca, and sleuths Rebecca an invite to Josh’s Filipino Thanksgiving fam jam.

Paula also arms Rebecca with an all seeing, all hearing owl brooch through with she can spy on her with.

So, Rebecca sets forth to win over Josh, by winning over his parents, by giving “good parent”.

Needless to say, Josh’s family loves her.

But Valencia takes her aside to let her know that her plan won’t work, because while parent’s love brown-nosers, men like women like Valencia. Oh, and also that the food is going to massively mess with her digestive system.grossfood

Which it does.

From inside the washroom, Rebecca overhears Valencia and Josh fighting about her.

But the fight immediately turns into Thanksgiving sex in the guest room.

Rebecca decides to race home, but can’t get out before having to see Josh propose a move-in relationship to Valencia.

So Rebecca heads home to deal with her stomach pain, and the holiday, alone.

In the end, it is Greg who comes through and helps fulfill her Thanksgiving family needs by bringing over tacos, tequila and Netflix.

Which she honestly cannot believe she is eating.
But she winds up having a great time anyway.

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 104: Unhealthy Choices

Rebecca decides she is going to change up her lifestyle with more “healthy choices” after a string of bad decisions throws her into a feelings-eating binge. All of her choices, healthy or not, of course, stem from her obsession with Josh, and ultimately, all of her decisions are a reflection of her own self discovery. If you’ve not yet watched the episode, you can do so here. Otherwise, read on for a look at the myriad of unhealthy choices Rebecca makes in this week’s episode.

Rebecca got sad when her attempt to run into Josh at the skate park was a failure. Paula’s advice? “Don’t skate sad”

It’s always going to be an unhealthy choice to hate-scroll your crush and his girlfriend’s getaway hate-scroll

Rebecca’s neighbour’s advice for getting over the sads? Swipe right on Tinder.tinder

Spontaneous Tinder date = bad choice.dontknowyourname

Rebecca recovers from the experience by spending the rest of her evening researching some more healthy choices for herself. She decides to become a vegan.

Which is questionable for her…juicecleanse

Rebecca decides to accept Greg’s date offer, not because she wants to, but because Josh told her she

And to Rebecca’s surprise, they get along quite well, and actually enjoy themselves.

But when she is confronted with two clear choices, bad and good….choices

She cracks, ditches Greg and takes manbun-manmeat home from the Taco fairmanmeat

And immediately regrets it.bad

And while none of her choices have made anything better in her love life, she learns that she should stick with her gut and go with what feels right for her. Donuts!donuts

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 103: Party Antics

Rebecca is throwing a party!!! Albeit against her better judgement. Turns out Rebecca has a lot of unresolved emotional issues pertaining to party throwing. Nevertheless, she sets forth on an anxiety riddled road trip through the perils of party throwing. If you’ve not yet watched the episode, you can do so here. Otherwise, read on for the highs and lows from Rebecca’s housewarming party adventure.

One of Rebecca’s first party memories from childhood was from when she threw a Pay Per View party for her favourite band “Room Temperature”

She had cheezies!

Her dad left her that day :(

But back in present day she decides to overcome her fears, and throw herself a housewarming party in an effort to hang out with Josh.
“It just kinda looks like you’re going to….light your house on fire.”

It is an “all themes” party theme

Rebecca pumps herself up to invite people to her party with a “For the record: I have friends. I definitely have friends.” song. Although, seemingly not everyone is not totally convinced.

Greg wasn’t totally into it.

And unfortunately, Paula had to leave Rebecca during party prep to deal with her delinquent child.

So when it came time for the party – well – it was a rough start

BUT Josh was very understanding of her circumstances, and posted a party selfie. Happy Day indeed!

And Paula rolled up with a Gambler’s Anonymous group!

And before too long, her boss was smoking meth and everyone was having a good time.

And it was all because her friends Josh, and Paula stepped up to help her continue on her path of self discovery and healing.
4joshs yourewelcome
“You’re welcome”

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 102: Mean Girl Moments

As Rebecca continues to settle into her new life in California, so does she with her plans to blaze along on the “get Josh back” trail. In this episode, her highly imaginative Josh plans are quickly stonewalled by the introduction of his girlfriend Valencia, who turns out to be a ‘mean girl’ personified. Valencia however, is not the sole proprietor of mean girl moments in this episode. If you’ve not yet watched “But Josh’s Girlfriend is Really Cool!” you can do so here. Otherwise, here are the top mean girl burns from the episode:

When Rebecca and Paula make their first attempt at getting into Spider’s (Spider’s?), the doorman takes a low shot at Paula (hats are the new tattoos!).onthelist

At the grocery store, while many insults are thrown at Rebecca for her homely getup, none is worse than Valencia’s first impression question “Why is Greg with a homeless…”

Valencia is mean girl royalty! hi

When Rebecca brushes off Paula’s feelings, it’s tough for Paula to decide which mean girl type Rebecca is more like – Taylor…or Katy?TaylorvsKaty

In her relentless pursuit of Valencia’s friendship, Rebecca takes Valencia’s yoga class, leaving her vulnerable to an attack.childspose

When Valencia finally accepts Rebecca as a friend, they hit Spider’s together – mean girl style.

Rebecca does not want to hear it from Greg who, justifiably, questions her behaviour

Greg: “How many bras are you wearing anyway…” bras.gif

Paula tells her boss that the Luna bar he is enjoying is made with menstrual bloodlunabars

When club night blows up in Rebecca’s face after she is exposed as a liar, Rebecca realizes what a jerk she has been to her true friend Paula. But Darryl is not invited to this party. hugz

It’s not an official girl fight until team shirts are made. TeamRebecca

And Rebecca’s plans to pursue Josh will not be stopped just because Valencia forbids it…

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Unapologetic Lady Moments

A “crazy” female is usually known to be an irrational emotional wreck, and is someone whose behaviour can seemingly only be summed up in one all-encompassing word. In Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rebecca, the crazy ex in question, breathes new life into crazy, and pits the traditional slur against the crazy rituals and expectations that women deal with day to day. There are many satisfying lady moments in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, that also hit on some more serious lady issues that exist for women. Here are some of the best, unapologetic lady moments from the series premiere:

Our protagonist makes the choice to leave her life-monopolizing job to pursue her own happiness – not at the whim of anyone else, most particularly her Mother.
West Covina Ladies

Rebecca meets some strong counterparts at her new real-estate law job.

Never underestimate a ‘woman-in-business’ handshake!deathgrip

Rebecca shuts down the sports bartender who assumes she is lost on her way to the wine bar.
beer please
Bartender: “You’re pretty and you’re smart and you’re obviously ignoring me so you’re my type”

Rebecca is unapologetic about crushing it at work.crushthewaterpark

In “Sexy Getting Ready Song”, we see the repercussions of ladies having to change themselves to meet the expectations of men in a patriarchal society.

Ladies unite! Rebecca takes time to chat with her new colleague and the end result is her making a new friend.

Nothing like a good lady-friend to help out in your journey towards happiness.

In the end, the guy from “Sexy Getting Ready Song” apologizes to his exes for impressing his opinions about their appearance and behaviour on them.

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